Monday Inspiration: creative people you should follow on Instagram.

It’s Monday. The week is just starting. A whole new week, with new goals, and full of new exciting things to do. However, during the lockdown, this Monday could taste a little bit like a Wednesday or even like a Saturday. Most of the days feel the same lately. But it’s Monday, and to start the week in a creative mood, we bring you a new dose of Monday inspiration.

This time, we are going to show you creative people that you should follow. In this article, we wanted to introduce you to fashion artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and stylists.

Fashion Artists

Kyle Lo Monaco | @kylelomonaco

Kyle Lo Monaco is a womenswear designer based in London. In his account, he shares references of the work he does, photoshoots and lifestyle photos. He also defines his work as the juxtaposition between heritage, civilisation and traditions.

MAIBEE | @mai.bees

Mathilda and Liberty Mai are two British sisters who started uploading vintage fashion content a few years ago now. They started selling some of the items featured in their pictures on Depop and nowadays, they are running their own fashion business together. They create and sell their clothes now there. Their profiles are very aesthetic and they always try to leave their own footprint on their photos.

If you are a fan of vintage clothing and can do with a bit of inspiration in terms of what to wear, you should definitely check their Instagram profiles.

monday inspiration sisters mai

Denzel | @curriegoat

Streetwear artist based in London. Denzel customises every kind of clothing with his illustrations and his personality. Thanks to his talent, he had the chance to collaborate with brands like Size? and Converse. He also owns a YouTube channel where he shows the process of his work and how he creates each unique piece. This is definitely one of the best Monday Inspiration you can have.

Denzel Curriegoat Monday Inspiration CARBON Magazine

Graphic Designers / Illustrators

Zawkur | @zawkur

We could describe him as a prominent illustrator of the Spanish urban industry. Zawkur works are full of brightness and personality. Every piece has its own magic and the essence of this illustrator from Sanlúcar, Spain. In addition to the work he produces, he has also designed his own fashion collections, so it is interesting to see how far he has come.

Daniel Barkle | @danbarkle

Daniel Barkle is a graphic designer and art director based in London. He is currently focused on branding and music-related projects. As examples of his fabulous works, we can find merchandise for the band ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ or designs for ‘Poppy’.

Alycia Reinauld | @maalavida

Graphic designer – digital artist inspired by feelings and emotions as she believes that abstract textures are a chance to express life. Therefore, Malavida is a product created by the connection of colours, abstract shapes and textures. Her work is very unique and it speaks for itself. It is very different to what others are doing and it is worth checking it out.

Monday inspiration malavida abstract design


Charlotte Wales | @charlottemwales

She is a British photographer who worked for Vogue US, Vogue Paris, British Vogue, The Gentlewoman, New York Times, T, Dazed.. Also, she did campaigns for brands like Chloe, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, amongst others. Charlotte has a very creative eye and a special taste for her photoshoots so you can get inspired by her portraits and by they way she captures fashion.

Jordi | @devonart_

Jordi is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain. His profile is full of very different pictures: from portraits to landscapes, city exploration and stories.

All of his pictures tell a different story and they connect emotionally with his followers. One could say that there is a 90s vibe to his latest work, a trend that allows him to play with outfits and scenarios.

Monday inspiration work of  the photographer Devonart

After introducing you to these creators, we hope you got inspired and that you start the week in the best possible mood!

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Jose Jurado – @josejuradox