Most Outrageous Celebrity Parties!

Paris Hilton with Chihuahua in Custom BMW

Paris Hilton Sliving in Custom BMW with her Chihuahua

Have you ever dreamt of what an amazing birthday party you could throw? What it would look like? What cake you’d have? With self-isolation coming up for us, you’ll have all the time in the world to plan! Taking inspiration from these most outrageous celebrity parties, you can plan for your big day or your friends’! First, let me just get my loan from the bank for these…

Kylie Jenner’s iconic 21st:

To begin, this was where the broken Barbie doll meme originated! For the most outrageous celebrity parties, Kylie had to go all out. With a giant ball pit, a mural of their family over their bar, as well as personalised Barbie dolls! As you can see, Kylie’s doll looks exactly like her… with the glittery pink catsuit… and clearly messy hair? AND a broken leg? If my 21st isn’t celebrated like this then I don’t want it!

Images from TheSun

Stormi’s 1st & 2nd most outrageous celebrity parties:

Firstly, with Stormi’s 2nd birthday she had whole playground built! With a Frozen World/Stormi World & Trolls World all combined! Kylie & Stormi matching up their sparkly outfits, ice furniture, a rollercoaster and a gift shop for guests! A map was needed so they wouldn’t get lost!

She also had a second party which was butterfly-themed: Kylie’s Hidden Hills home fully transformed into a butterfly dream! With butterfly-themed cakes, ball pit, floral displays, even the sandwiches were cut into little butterflies. Stormi’s friends’ were dressed up as butterfly fairies! How cute!

Similarly, her 1st birthday was just as extravagant. With StormiWorld making its first debut, with homage to father Travis Scott’s Astroworld. A live performance of Baby Shark to Louis Vuitton inspired fries were seen at this birthday bash! This was the memory of her first Chanel bag from DJ Khaled! Does this mean for her 3rd birthday she gets 3 parties? I don’t think we can handle Stormi’s balloon entrance getting any bigger…

Images from OK, People, and OK again.

Paris Hilton’s 39th ‘sliving’ bash:

Obviously Paris Hilton! This was where #sliving was the theme (Sliving = combined word from slaying and living, duh)! The venue decorated with neon signs, huge balloons and pink glitter, mini bottles of tequila passed around on trays and pizza served to guests! The cake was an enormous Barbie cake! But, above all, outside was the ‘slivmobile’, a custom BMW decorated in tie-dye colours and bathed in a pink light! Ugh, why can’t I be sliving like that!

Images from the Mirror

Tana Mongeau’s extra 21st:

Above all, her party was filmed by MTV! Tana’s face on $100 bills and huge stripper poles in the middle of the Hills mansion they rented can be seen too. A Tana tattoo themed wheel as well as attendees including Jake Paul (oof), Madison Beer, David Dobrik and many other YouTubers as she wanted a “clout filled party”. Price wise? To clarify, her manager (Jordan Worona, the best guy to ever exist) says it cost around 6 figures! If only the world’s currency was Tana Mongeau’s face on their bank notes… *sigh*

Here’s what MTV shot of the night over on YouTube

Images from Youtube and Lifestyle Mag

Madonna’s selfless 60th:

In another world, her birthday party went over 5 days! She flew her closest friends and family to Morocco to spend the days in a $500 per night in the Moroccan mansion with 3 swimming pools! On the first night Madonna wore a gorgeous headpiece. Most importantly, she posted on Facebook; “I want to come together with my friends, fans and supporters to change the lives of Malawian children and let them know they are nurtured, protected and loved. Every dollar raised will go directly to meals, schools, uniforms and healthcare.”

Love when someone as rich and successful as her (estimated worth $464 million) can make their money do so much good for the world even on a day all about them!

Images from DailyMail

Brooklyn Beckham’s dreamy 21st:

On the other hand, Brooklyn’s birthday was worth 100k! During Brooklyn’s party, Stormzy performed and danced with his younger sister Harper! The Spice Girls had a mini reunion and there was some speeches from David Beckham and Cruz! In addition, he had an ice sculpture in the shape of a camera and a donut tower as his birthday cake – why couldn’t I of been born into the Beckham’s!?

Images from TheSun

Travis Scott’s mental 26th & 28th:

Finally, for his 26th birthday Kylie rented out a whole Six Flags! She either paid $100k an hour or $1 million for the whole day! For his 28th he had a party with personalized snacks and drinks — including Hennessy Slurpees and bars by Kiva Confections.

The party also featured an entire room designed to mimic a gas station, complete with Cactus Jack-themed cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, motor oil and more. Then in another room, pairs of Scott’s new Nike sneaker hung from the ceiling. Being gifted a flower bouquet made into a shoe, along with a Lamborghini outside with a red bow on top! You know, the average gifts… still waiting for my Miu Miu Mary Jane shoe bouquet and Tesla…

Images from LifestyleMag and People

To sum up, I personally found Stormi’s birthday’s to be the most outrageous celebrity parties! For instance, my dream would definitely be throwing a butterfly/fairy party as extravagant as hers – now just for the funds…

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