MUSTS for your home

How you decorate your home has become equally as expressive as the clothes you wear. As our generation are getting to the age of moving out, the influencers we follow also consist of home accounts, and the brands we buy from, also have a homeware brand. Here is some bestsellers to make your space cozy, trendy, and instagram worthy.

Zara Home

Zaras bestseller

Zara was hugely publicised on TikTok, resulting in an increase of their sales by 74%.

Zara Home seemed like the best way to spend our money to make those four walls more exciting in lockdown.

Mirrors was the most-searched home product, leaving brands getting creative to sell aesthetic accents.

Featuring in our favourite influencers apartments, such as Anastasia Kingsnorth, irregular shaped mirrors quickly became Zaras bestselling product.

With that price, they are hard to resist.

H&M Home

H&Ms bestseller

In the recent years, Gen Z have taken a liking to H&M and H&M home.

An increase in DIY saw textured artwork blessing our feeds. Leaving the handmade style in fashion. H&M successfully rose to this challenge.

One homeware product to die for is vases. Homeware enthusiasts have been finding multiple uses for vases, whether that is holding pampas grass or an elegant decoration.

H&M has certainly nailed this neutral, circular ceramic vase everyone is going crazy for.

Urban Outfitters

Urbans bestseller

Urban is certainly less known, if known at all for its homeware. Thats why, here at Carbon we are screaming it from the rooftops.

Texture and intrigue is certainly at the forefront of design and this demand has seen the return of the rattan trend.

With curves now also being celebrated in interior design, Urban Outfitters has designed a chair that is super trendy.

This piece speaks for its stunning self.

By Sofia Wells