Our 5 favourite cruelty-free influencers #CarbonCares

Living cruelty-free isn’t as hard as it may seem

We’ve put together a list of 5 Instagram influencers that will guide you to live cruelty-free with their perfect balance of information and inspiration!


Love Island’s India Reynolds (@lovefromreyn) is very popular on Instagram, with over 1 million followers, but did you know she has a separate account, with over 40k followers, dedicated to vegan recipes, lifestyle and make-up? Check it out by clicking here.


Hannah Hagler’s vegan platform is the perfect go to for vegan and cruelty-free beauty inspiration and tips! Plus her feed is gorgeous (so tonal!). Check out her Instagram by clicking here.


Torre Washington (@torre.washington), who is a fitness coach and has been vegan for over 20 years, uses his Instagram to document his incredible, plant-fuelled fitness journey and to inspire his followers along the way!


Tedi’s (@tedisarah) account will bless your feed with the most delicious looking vegan food, fashion and lifestyle inspiration and, not to forget, the cutest pictures of her pets. She even runs an animal rescue!


Based in London, Rachel Ama (@rachelama_ ) is a vegan blogger, cookbook author, vegan recipe creator and a great go-to-gal for cruelty-free skincare and make-up tips!

Written by Sophie Corderoy