Perspective from young influencer Talia Maizels

written by Scarlet Filmer

  1. would you class yourself as an influencer?

I personally don’t call myself an influencer, I prefer content creator. I feel like an influencer should be someone who makes a positive impact on other people’s live, like body positivity etc.

  1. how did you get into influencing? was it a personal choice or was it by accident?

It was a complete accident. I started making YouTube videos for fun during gap year and one day I realised that I was making enough money to make a career out of it, so I did.

  1. where was your head at before you became an influencer? was there a clear career path you had dreamed of doing?

Before I started this career, I had always wanted to be a dancer. Since the age of 3 I wanted to perform or become a dancer teacher. Before I started YouTube, I was really confused about what I wanted in life though and was feeling really lost. So, I started YouTube, found my spark in life again and now I’d love to dance alongside social media.

  1. what platform would you say is your favourite and has this changed across the years? where do you see the most growth across the platforms?

I think YouTube is my favourite and has always been, however it isn’t the same as it used to be. Since TikTok has become so popular there has been a massive drop in engagement over on YouTube. People prefer quick snappy content over long videos which TikTok is great for, I’ve also seen the most growth over on TikTok. Especially in a short space of time.

  1. for your content, it would be interesting to hear where you see the most engagement with your following and whether this comes as a surprise to you.

For each social media platform, the type of content that gets the most engagement really varies for me. YouTube is food related videos, TikTok is anything to do with relationships (boyfriends, ex’s, friendships) and Instagram is anything hair/fashion related. I think the content which surprises me most is food content! I never really watch food content on YouTube, so I’ve never massively understood the appeal, but luckily, I enjoy eating and people enjoy watching me do it!

  1. did you think you would have expected to be where you are today when you started?

Absolutely not. As I said, I started making videos for fun and if someone watched it and was entertained then great! But I never once thought I’d make a decent income from it

  1. how do you feel social media has grown and changed since you were introduced to it?

I think the bigger social media has gotten the more responsibility each creator has. Back in the day you could kind of post anything you wanted; however, people now look up to those in social media, they compare themselves and that’s a big responsibility to have! Especially when you didn’t necessarily sign up for it. For me, I never want anyone to look at me and my life and think “I want to be like Talia, her life is perfect” because that’s not true. I always try to be as open. honest and relatable because at the end of the day I’m just a normal 22-year-old girl who posts her life online.

  1. with the rise of social media, what do you think the future of influencing will look like? where can you see the social media industry going?

I honestly only see social media getting bigger and bigger. Especially with younger generations really growing up in the social media world. Everyone and their mum have an account on something, whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Facebook etc. I think a lot of people will stop engaging with traditional mainstream media and head over to the digital space more often.

  1. we are seeing the rise micro influencers; do you feel like this could be a threat/concern for your brand?

I never think that micro influencers would be threat to my brand, the more the merrier! The only issue is brand deals. A lot of micro influencers will take on gifted jobs. So, they’ll create content in return for a free product. Obviously, brands love this understandably, however it affects how they now pay bigger influencers. A lot of the time a brand won’t want to pay or will offer a tiny fee for a lot of work because they can just give free products to a handful of micro influencers and get the same job done, basically for free.

  1. what do you feel are the drawbacks from being in the public eye? do you feel these have shaped who you are?

I think having other people’s opinion on your life and your loved ones can be very trying at times. I also feel like when I’m out in public I have to especially careful of how I may come across, I never want anyone to see me and think I’m horrible because I have a bored look on my face etc. However, the confidence I have gained since being present in social media is life changing. I’ve done thing’s I never could’ve dreamed of because of this job.

  1. have you ever thought what would happen if you just deleted your online presence? what would you do if you did? I know being in this industry gives you a range of skills, where would you want to go with these?

If I decided to delete my social media profiles, I think I’d definitely open up my own dance school. I also think I’d be able to potentially get a job handling the social media pages for different brands, or even dealing with the pr side of things seeing as I’ve been on the other side of it.