Positive lessons we’ve learned from self isolation

Being on lockdown is proving to be hard for lots of people, we have been struggling with boredom for the past couple of weeks. However, there are some positives that we have learnt from spending time at home.

1.The effort to keep in contact with friends

As we have been social distancing going out or visiting our friends isn’t allowed. We have found new ways to stay in contact with friends and family. FaceTime has been key during this time to be able to see our lovely friends’ faces, for non-Apple users WhatsApp video call is the perfect alternative. There are also interactive gaming apps with lets you compete with your friends like Fight List, you have to list the most things in certain categories to win. you can download this in the app store.

2. The ability to learn something new

With all this spare time on our hands, we have time to take up a new hobby or something that we have always wanted to try. Attempt to bake some sweet treats for you and your family to share, start with cookies, brownies or even millionaire shortbread. There are some great easy recipes on the BBC food website. Another new activity could be embroidery, order yourself an embroidery kit online and use the templates to start, you could even try embroidering your own clothes after some practice.

3. Keeping your mind active

Not being at work or in education means our minds are not going to be active throughout the day. It is a good idea to do some sort of mental activity to ensure we keep our brain alert. An easy way to do this is with the use of puzzles, they can challenge your brain in a fun easy way. Another way is to take part in online quizzes or crosswords in the newspaper, these will challenge your general knowledge and get you thinking.

4. Physical activities

Keeping active during this time is important, you can leave the house once a day for some form of physical activity like a run or cycle but exercise can also be done at home. If you do not want to leave the house you can find thousands of fitness videos online, a popular instructor during lockdown is Joe Wicks, he has a live workout online every morning at 9am, this is a great way to start the day. If you don’t want such an intense workout maybe try taking part in a 30 day yoga challenge. This helps to relax, stretch and strengthen the body and will only take up a short amount of time each day, the videos can be found on youtube.

5.Reconnecting with immediate family

This is a time where we are spending all day every day with the people in our household. You may be very close or have distanced recently, regardless it’s the perfect time to catch up and create new bonds as a family. A great way to do this is to bring out the board games, they are fun and challenging. They are ideal to play as a group and enjoy yourselves, playing cards is also great, the number of games is endless. Try to learn a new card game as a family, like ‘chase the ace’ or ‘Cheat’. These might bring out different sides of people that you haven’t seen before.

Having this time to ourselves has helped us appreciate the little things, hopefully some of these activities are new to you and you can give them a try.

By Eva McLennan