The Black Girl Luxury trend 

Black. Girl. Luxury. Words for so long we have not seen together. However, in a world with TikTok all demographics can finally be seen.

Black girl luxury is a trend on social media especially TikTok that has been gaining popularity. It shows black women doing luxurious and expensive things like go on exotic holidays, buy designer items, drive around in top of the range cars and eat at 5-star Michelin restaurants. All the things that anyone deserves to do.


Women like Patricia Bright have been pioneers of this trend and lifestyle. Patricia is a very successful influencer. She owns multiple properties, has tons of collabs with big fashion and makeup brands, has an extremely successful youtube channel and she recently became the founder of her company The Break; a platform to help people build to success. She has done this all while taking care of 2 children with her husband Michael.


Some may think of this trend as flaunting and showing off but it is the exact opposite. This is a much needed trend. It shows black women in a light that they were erased from. In a world of such social awakening, we are finally seeing the impact our society has had on black women. So many negative tropes and characteristics that have become synonymous with us. However, trends like this help to pin us in a way we are not normally seen but should most definitely have the opportunity to be seen in just like our peers of other races.

Black women for so long have not been able to enjoy the life of lavish that their white counterparts may have. Its not something that has been normalised and this trend shows that it is possible to be a happy, expensive and boujee black woman in todays world. 

Even if your definition of luxury is different to someone else. This trend is not something amping up capitalism or materialism like some critiques say. It is just about doing what makes you feel luxurious. Putting on a new dress, painting your nails or buying all the bags in Italy. Black Girl Luxury is about being seen as the priceless beauty you are.


Rokeya Rodney