The Creative’s Guide to Staying Inspired

As the global quarantining continues, many people involved in the industry of art are losing their creative flow and experiencing more of a creative block. Here are 5 ideas to break through that barrier and spark up some inspiration.

Written by Lucas Smith

1. Sketching your New Tattoo Design

Just make sure its something you’ll be proud of in 50 years!

Rather than us telling you just to sketch something, try sketching with a purpose. Figuring out the composition and general concepts of your next tattoos can be quite daunting, which is why trying to make it your own design will make the real thing twice as fulfilling.

2. Painting something Bright for your Walls

Painting something bright and aesthetically pleasing to put up in your happy place and maintain your mental health. We’re all struggling in some way or another, which is why painting something as simple as a bright pattern to put up will not only be a relaxing exercise but also make you smile every time you look at it.

3. A New Genre of Music

Allow yourself to think in different perspectives and enjoy something new

Try listening to a new genre of music to expand on your horizons as an artist. Regardless of whether your creative flow comes from music, finding something that makes you feel something new and interesting will give you a new form of excitement for future ideas.

4. Walking at your Favourite Time of Day

Walking anywhere at the moment will make the biggest difference in your mental health but we recommend timing the walk at your favourite time of day to see the light hit your favourite secret spot, listening to music that makes you smile. This might spur you to take some photos as future inspiration.

5. Inspiration Book

A place to go to when you need new ideas

Our final recommendation would be to have an inspiration book with completely blank pages that you can fill with the most random ideas from the world around you that you can come back to when you’re feeling another creative block.

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