The Creativity Behind Inclusivity!

There’s quite a lot of brands that we already know that are not only just celebrating body positivity but diversity and inclusivity as well but how did they come up with the idea to do so in the first place? Well, let’s find out. Here’s two ethical fashion brands that embraces this:

‘Hara the label’

How the founder of Hara the label, Allie Cameron came up with the brand was when she travelled to India and witnessed the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. There and then she knew what needed to be changed so when she launched her underwear brand, she made sure that the workers were paid fairly no matter their skin colour or body type. Hara uses diverse women in her photo shoots and has done so from day one.

‘Le buns’

Le buns is an Australian swimwear brand that recently collaborated with a Melbourne-based artist Frances Cannon which is a celebration of the honest beauty of the female body embracing the uniqueness and diversity of womankind.

All these brands plus many more, has empowered people to feel included and produce garments and clothing lines that expose styles for varying bodies, changing society’s mindset of what is “presentable” against what has been in the media for so long.

Written by Hema Dixons