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Main Job Roles within In The Style:

CEO- Adam

About In the Style:

Adam Frisby co-founded Manchester based fashion e-tailer In the Style in 2013. He only 1000 pounds investment and no previous experience in starting or running a business. It has now grown into one of the UK’s leading e-commerce players with a current annual turnover of 40 million pounds. Something that was just a little idea he had in his bedroom turned into a multimillion-pound empire. Adam is still the CEO of In the Style and has a very central and prominent position in the business. He is still very much involved in the everyday workings of the business. 

About being CEO:

Being the CEO means you have final say on everything. So, everything has to go through the CEO to be approved. It also means having a key vision for the business, what you want to achieve and in what way you want to achieve it. It is very important to Adam that his brand empowers females and to offer clothes to all women. He said in the show ‘inclusivity- who we offer clothes to is very important’. But he is also very invested in being environmentally friendly-

‘they think it’s fast fashion and oh they don’t care; I like to challenge that’

which is a very important thing within the fast fashion industry. 

So key qualities to have would be: leadership, organisation, being innovative, thinking quick on your feet and knowing your targets, knowing your audience and what celebrity to bring in.

What the job role includes: organising/managing a team, scouting the right influencers to promote the brand, making all the decisions and liaising with all department heads to create strategy and always thinking ahead. 

Jamie- General manager

The job of a general manager is to be responsible for all aspects the company’s operations. The general manager will plan, direct and coordinate various aspects of their operating area. 

For Jamie being a general manager means frequently consulting with the CEO then checking in with all departments. Almost being the middleman to keep things running smoothly. A general manager is a key role for the business to run smoothly and to help everything flow well within the business.

Key tasks for Jamie would be: liaise with staff and budget control if he gets tasked with an event to oversee. As well as finding locations for shoots, events and campaigns whether they are abroad or in the country.

Emily- Buying manager

A Fashion buyer is someone who plans and selects garments and clothing ranges to sell. Before making their decision, a buyer must consider factors such as consumer demand, price points and market trends. So, a buying manager would oversee a team of fashion buyers within the business. They would also be the lead person to go to as well as lialiising with the other department managers. 

For Emily being buying manager means she is in charge of: budgeting, planning stock amounts, dealing with the company’s suppliers, sorting the clothing problems when they came back from the suppliers wrong, and pricing. She would also create mood boards as a beginning process to show to a influencer. To see what they like so she can develop that into a real product, alongside the in house designer before asking the manufactures to make it. 

Key quality’s: budget control, being able to haggle with suppliers, an eye for trends, being able to sort problems quickly and turn projects around quickly. 

Grace- Assistant marketing manager

Love to plan events? Maybe this is the job for you… 

An assistant marketing manager is planning and supervising marketing operations to achieve a revenue target. As well as coordinating with the lead marketing manager in developing marketing plans and budgets. And also conducting marketing campaigns and trade shows to promote brand awareness. 

For Grace this meant she had to do lots of organising and planning for various marketing events. She was often very involved with the influencers, as they were commonly used in marketing events and abroad shoots . These would create allot of attraction, which is great for the marketing team. So, on these events they would often help find the right influencers that would bring the right attraction,  set up the influencer’s rooms and help take photos of the influencers. As well as briefing a team to get them to think of ideas and get them to help set up events.

You want abroad trips in your future job?

Grace would often go on all the abroad trips with influencers as she was a key part of those events. 

Mel- Marketing executive

A marketing  executive does a very similar role to the assistant marketing manager. But the executive is more part of the team and works closely alongside the assistant marketing manager. 

For Mel this meant always working closely with Grace and pretty much doing all the things she did. However Grace was the more superior role and did the liaising with the other managers. 

This also meant Mel got to go on the abroad trips! And was a key part of setting up all events and making sure it all goes smoothly. 

Saskia- Social media executive

Love social media? Maybe this is the job for you…

A social media assistant assists social media management with large projects, events and community management. They work as a part of a team to develop large social media campaigns. As well as analyse and report audience information and demographics, and success of existing social media projects. And proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content. 

For Saskia this meant she was a key part in advertising all campaigns and new brand launches get viewers interested in the brand. She would also be a part of finding the right influencers to promote In the Style. But mainly she had to be ready to post content at the right time, specially before a launch. 

This is an important role for in the style as Jamie said in the show –

‘In the Style was built on social media, if there wasn’t social media, we would have no business’

Hollie- Senior Creative

A senior creative is someone who is pretty much in the middle of creating all the features, campaign and shoots. By making sure the photographers/influencers are showing of the products in the right way. They are in charge of the overall look of what they are creating and how it portrays the clothes as it is a key part in getting the clothes to sell. 

For Hollie this meant she had to work very closely with Adam the CEO. This is because he would always have a strong idea of how he wanted things to look. So, she had to make sure all the content that came out he could be happy with and approve. It would also mean she would have to work closely with the influencers by making sure they were comfortable and confidant. And also making sure they were showing the clothes of in the right way. 

So yes, your right! She would always be on the abroad trips too for her projects! 

So, it was her key job to make sure campaigns were a success. She had to make sure herself or the photographer were getting the right style of photos.

She said for this job you ‘need to be very regimental and organised’ 

Hannah- Buyer

Hannah had a very similar role to Emily; however, Hannah was just part of the buying team and didn’t do those managing duties Emily had to do. 

For Hannah her role included: managing money, budgets and sales predictions. It also included: doing quality checks of the clothes that came in, comming up with products for the influencers to see and meeting with the influencers to see if they like the range of clothes that they have displayed to them. Then; make any changes, put the orders through and to put the sample on the in house FIT model first to make sure the measurements are right. Then, haggle for prices of the samples/price and time to get it made. 

She would be a key part of making sure the clothes fit right. And liaising with the influencers as well as being the key person to liaise with the manufactures. 

Other job roles you may be interested in…

Brand executive- Emily 

  • They implement plans and initiatives relating to the brand, customer experience and loyalty. In order to drive the organisations brand equity.

FIT model- 

  • Is a in house model that tries on the sample of the clothes. They make sure the clothes fit right before the big batch of clothes get made. They have to maintain their measurements to they are a classic size. 

Ellen- assistant buyer

  • Assists the buying team 

Darcy- senior E-Com executive 

  • Aa senior team member that contributes to the growth of the online business. And making sure all the online platforms run smoothly. 

Lorein- designer 

  • Designs the clothes and helps think of the range ideas for the influencer. 
Written By Emily Benison