THE Lockdown Looks – have you tried them?

Tie-dye top unisex models

Collusion unisex tie-dye t-shirts

Over the past few months being in lockdown, fashion has still found ways to thrive. Making it into a hobby by upcycling old clothes when you’ve been bored stiffless, to making it a small business opportunity! On my timeline I’ve seen many lockdown looks like tie-dye, summer dresses, fashionable sweats and all the bikini bods in the gardens! Here’s some of THE Lockdown Looks – have you tried them?

Tie-dye just about… anything!

Thanks to TikTok, one of the fun and famous trends this lockdown has been tie-dye! I think we’ve seen someone tie-dye almost everything, sweatshirts, shorts, joggers, socks, bedding – it’s been a pass time you could say… what will stay?

We reckon the tie-dye socks and casual fits will stay around for festival season as well as into spring for next year. After all, it’s a fun way to upcycle some clothes you might not wear anymore – even better if it’s unisex! For a unisex style, try keeping your ratio for tie-dying low so you lightly tie-dye your chosen pieces with greens and blues or oranges and yellows. Heck, even add extra ink for a bright unisex look – here’s how to try it!

You will need:

– Tie-dye kit (can get off Amazon, Hobbycraft or Ebay!) which includes everything you need, or…

– Get some thick elastic bands

– A sponge/rag

– Rubber/disposable gloves

– Any fabric dye (can also get off Amazon, Hobbycraft or Ebay)

– A container half-full of water

– Zip-lock bags to keep your items soaking up the dye

How to tie-dye:

1. Dampen what you’re about to dye with a damp sponge or rag

2. Grip the middle of your t-shirt (if using) with your first three fingers and twist until it’s all swirled up (if doing a bag/socks/jeans etc – swirl how you can or scrunch up and hold with elastic bands!)

3. Pull your elastic bands around your clothing item so they cross over, using at least 3

4. Add your dye to your item in the gaps between the bands

5. Let the dye soak in the zip-lock bags overnight for extra bright colours (or however many hours are recommended on your chosen products)

6. Rinse your item until the water runs clear and remove the bands – voila!

Sweats, but make it fashion!

Obviously we’ve been living in sweats and comfies for the past 5 months! But how about making it fashionable? Influencers have had home-bound photoshoots showing off their comfy, yet fashionable, lockdown looks. We’ve seen the sweatshirt and pant combo, cycling shorts and oversized shirts, crop tops and sweats, all over our Insta feeds and stories. Here’s some inspo…

Bikini body ready, whether you like it or not!

Aside from the comfies, the quarantine heatwave has brought out the bikini bods! Whether it’s a pic from the beach (socially distanced, I hope) or from your back garden, the bikini bodies have come out and are not playing around. It’s been fun seeing the holiday-at-home pics and we can’t wait to see them in the places they were dreamed to be once it’s super-safe! Here’s a few of my personal fave bikini looks:

Summer dress up or down!

Finally, it’s the fun-flowy sundresses we’ve seen while going to social-distanced picnics, drinks, walks, etc. Some short some long, dressed up or down, there’s some real cute ones we had to share!

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