The mismatched manicure

Nail Lookbook

A fun and quirky nail trend has emerged from no other than social media icon Kylie Jenner, who is notorious for her elaborate manicures. The concept involves a bold primary colour palette and contrasting symbols and patterns on each nail to give the eclectic feel. The favoured designs for this look include abstract lines, smiley faces and prints. These nails create a statement look that could add interest and detail to any look. Next time you enter the salon or do a nail DIY why not give these looks a try?

The abstract
Make the most of negative space and highlight your natural nails with key details! The on trend abstract lines add variety and dimension. Add small and bold patterns to create a detailed eclectic look.
The playful
Bold icons speak for themselves! Add your own emojis to express yourself. Combined with an all over floral pattern this creates a cheeky edge to an otherwise girly look.
The print mix
If icons alone weren’t enough add some animal. Printed tips are a new trendy alternative to the classic french manicure, so play with placement and create some quirkiness by mixing up the classic trends, throw them all together!
The ditsy print
Pretty floral’s and dreamy clouds in a pastel colour palette, the ultimate ditsy daydream… Mini fruit icons on the centre of the nail add an unusual cute touch that would be perfect for spring summer days.
The hippy
A hint of the 60’s with a modern twist. Psychedelic lines flowing into tonal yin yang symbols just another way to add peace and personality to your nails, this time with muted neon’s and browns.
The modern retro
Bright and bubblegum, these skater chic nails add edge to this miss-matched trend. Wether its the checker board print of pink flames this look is unusual and iconic. The key is layering, whatever speaks to you mix and match or don’t match at all that’s the fun of it!

Written by Imogen Vivier