The Podcasts We Just Can’t Stop Listening To!

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Yes, I know, Podcasts? Personally, never been a fan… Until I listened to these! The thing about podcasts is they’re great background noise to working, cleaning, even eating and having a moment to yourself, especially in the bath! So, here’s to sharing The Podcasts We Just Can’t Stop Listening To!

This quarantine season is the epitome of spending your time doing anything and everything at home. In a time like this we need motivation, humour and entertainment! I found these and more within these podcasts and to say I originally didn’t like the idea of them but now enjoy them, that’s all the more reason for you to try one!

Call Me Candid!

Firstly, the Call Me Candid podcast is by Youtuber Haley Pham and Lettering artist Lilly Ann! Lilly Ann’s business is of course, her art! From motivational quotes to fun colours – she really is the VSCO dream.

Haley’s business is her own clothing company (Retro Reprise) but is more well-known for her successful Youtube channel (Haley Pham & HaleyPhamVlogs as well as TraPhamily with her boyfriend, Ryan Trahan and puppy Spock!).

They chat about organisation, motivation, their goals, talking about businesses and how to start as well as giving us advice on what to do when you’re bored at home!

Personally, since listening to this Podcast I’ve felt like I’ve related more to Haley Pham (I used to watch her videos almost every upload), and fell back in love with her and how at the same age as me – 19 – she has made her life a living dream and can really show how doing what you love will bring more joy to your life than the success that comes with it (it’s just a bonus!)

I could go on about Haley Pham and how she motivates me or how much I idolise her. But to go into this podcast feeling funky and coming out fresh – you have to give it a try! Definitely one of The Podcasts We Just Can’t Stop Listening To!

Available on Apple (check out the link in their Insta @callmecandidpodcast !)


Secondly, with their podcasts lasting to 2 and a half hours each and having huuuundreds of them – you have quite the selection to sift through!

3ShotsOfTequila is a Spotify podcast that gives you an insight to London living, Black London culture and everything that comes with it! From an interview with Tinie Tempah, to topics like conspiracy theories, trends and art!

This podcast will really help see all the different parts of London culture most of us aren’t used to seeing! I’m super uncultured so personally, I’m in love with this podcast as it’s like listening in to a casual conversation that you can see things from different perspectives and enjoy listening to what other people are passionate about!

And come on, London’s pretty cultured, right?

Check out their Instagram @3shotsoftequila_ and their hashtag on Twitter #3ShotsOfTequila !

Aliens Like Us with Rhys Darby

Thirdly, if you’re not intrigued by the paranormal even a little bit, you’re a liar!

In contrast, for some short and sweet podcast episodes up to half an hour each and currently only 6 episodes – you can have a real supernatural binge! I personally love the idea of life forms other than us and love a UFO sighting (even if it’s fake), so this podcast is perfect for us conspiracists!

Aliens Like Us hosted by Rhys Darby isn’t how you’d think! It has a light-hearted feel from the comedian and having his co-hosts explore topical UFO sightings and abduction stories! Plus interviews with experts (like Linda Moulton Howe on possible Alien bases in the Antarctic) from UFOlogy, scientists and authors!

Listening to a few episodes I found some noteworthy conspiracies I didn’t originally think about, such as the famous City of Atlantis possibly being under the ice caps? And when they melt that’ll reveal the extra-terrestrial? I just thought Atlantis was chilling under any deep blue I didn’t even think about it waiting to be revealed in the Arctic…

not spotify by Joey

Ever used to watch those song mash-up videos on youtube? Or the one’s where they mash-up a music video of all the most popular songs from the whole year!? Well, you should – for the memories, obviously.

not spotify is a mini collection of some mash-up songs either slowed down, merged with another, or made into a remix and you can save them! Hopefully they create some more as this will for sure be one of The Podcasts We Just Can’t Stop Listening To!

It’s basically a mini Spotify within Spotify, my personal fave is their first remix: frank ocean ft. shibuya – chanel (funk remix)!

I Don’t Get It Podcast

With the episodes lasting up to an hour and having quite a few of them, this podcast will help pass your time and humour yourself!

I Don’t Get It Podcast by Noah Tarnow and Bill Scurry, mainly talks about random things that’s popular: such as Coronavirus Stupidity, Orbeez, Zoom, Brandy Melville, Baby Yoda to everything in between!

This podcast is comical, covering content that even I myself have wondered what the hype is about, like, I’ve never heard of Zoom until our lecturers were giving us these links and codes. They mix in some facts based on the topics and what they think the future of them hold: such as Zoom possibly being the same as Facebook in a business perspective (most businesses will rely on using Zoom in the future).

If you wonder what the hype is about on some of the topics listed, for sure check out the podcast on Spotify!

RuPaul: What’s The Tee with Michelle Visage

Werk! I love RuPaul’s Drag Race, and now knowing there’s this podcast I’ve just never discovered opens a whole other obsession!

In this podcast, with the episodes lasting up to over an hour, they both chat about pop culture, advice, beauty advice and behind the scenes of RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Of course, it does get a bit deep talking about their guests’ stories, mental health, family-life etc, so I’d listen to this when you’re quite calm and happy to listen to a self-help esc podcast.

Race Chaser with Alaska & Willam

In addition to the RuPaul obsession, the iconic Alaska and Willam dissect every episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race together!

Surprisingly, this is super fun to listen to after watching the episode, like watching Season 12 and listening to a podcast episode on it from the queens is interesting.

With their episodes lasting up to just over an hour, you’ll enjoy listening to their gossip as a pass time if you’re already into the show and want a more up-beat and gossipy podcast compared to the last – it’s just whatever fits your mood and interests!

The Complete Guide to Everything

Yes. Literally everything. From Animal Crossing to Playground games or Milk, Tim and Tom inform anyone on anything.

Yes, of course I began on the Animal Crossing episode; today being my birthday I needed to take notes before I spend the rest of my day playing it – I needed to know anything and everything before I started!

With Tim and Tom being so casual and fun about their facts, you don’t realise you’re taking in interesting information on the most random topics, you can’t say I’m uncultured anymore!

This is a podcast that’s casual to put on while drawing/working/cleaning your room/DIYing your shoes or jeans – anything! I find all podcasts are good to put on while doing these things – but the more up-beat and funny podcasts help keep your motivation flowing!

These were a load of the podcasts I enjoy listening to when I have the spare time, if you have a few of the same interests one of these could be your next fave too!

Finally, tell us over on @carbononcampus , Instagram or Twitter (#CarbonMagazine) what one of The Podcasts We Just Can’t Stop Listening To caught your eye!

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