The Ultimate Post-Covid Bucket List

Written by Lucas Smith

If you ever had the chance to think about the things you’d really like to see or achieve in life, now is the time to really delve deep into your mind and write that inspiring list of goals and achievements you simply have to see through. Everyone’s list should be completely different and fulfilling in it’s own way to you, but here are 8 ideas to get the ball mentally rolling!

1. Revisiting your childhood happy place, away from Home

If you were as fortunate as us, we all have that one place in particular growing up where all of your best family memories occurred. We can’t recommend enough going back to that to this place and re-living those memories you will remember forever.

2. Spontaneous Road Trips with your best friends

Experiencing something as traumatic as this virus outbreak can really put your life into perspective, which is why making new memories is all that should matter. Time to think of something completely spontaneous like driving to the beach with all of your best friends and watching the sunset or rise. It’s nights like these, you’ll cherish the most.

Making memories with your chosen family at sunset

3. That Symbolic Tattoo you always wanted

Thinking on the more physically, permanent side of our list, there may be a memory you want to engrave or just something really beautiful, which can be achieved through that tattoo you always wanted. No one can tell you you haven’t had time to think about it!

4. Timeless piece of Jewellery

Money is on everyone’s list of worries at the moment, which is why a big spend might be the last thing on your mind. But think of something like that statement piece of jewellery you will keep forever as something to work harder for in the next few months to years.

Finding that timeless jewellery to pass down to your children one day

5. Independent Travelling Abroad

Independence is something many of the 18-25 bracket are desperately missing at the moment, which is why we recommend considering the idea of travelling on your own to another country or place. The idea is daunting to begin with but, many believe it’s an experience everyone should enjoy at least once in their life.

6. Facing your Phobias!

Phobias are a difficult conversation in themselves, let alone facing them. However, plenty of studies have proven the liberation and new found positivity that comes with facing a phobia. Whether it’s holding a tarantula or shaking the hand of a clown, we promise it’s never as scary as it looks.

Terrifying, but is it worth it for your mental health?

7. Turning Pain into something Beautiful

We know everyone has a mixture of positive and negative past experiences that make them who they are today, which is why making something beautiful out of something traumatic can be rather therapeutic. This could be a song, book, poem, script or anything creative to make lemonade out of lemons.

8. Meeting your Personal Idol

And finally, maybe you have that one person you have always aspired towards or looked up to. Find the time in your life to meet this person or contact them. If anything, strive to be just as influential as them until they come to you!

A sense of accomplishment you won’t regret

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