Top 10 SHEIN Finds for Your University Bedroom.


Affordable living is a standard practice young university students have to live by, therefore finding amazing additions to your new space for a low price is the way forward! SHEIN is an online store based in China who produce mainly woman’s wear items, however also have a good range for men and homeware. Let’s take a look at the top 10 items to compliment your new space…

Choosing your bedding is probably one of the most exciting parts of your university bedroom revamp as you have so many options, and SHEIN stocks nearly any bedding you could imagine. I bought this ‘Solid Colour Bedding Set’ which comes in 3 different colours and it’s the most perfect, soft bedding i’ve had! SHEIN is unique as their products are so affordable so seen as University students are constantly on low budget, this is the perfect place to look. 

This handy ‘Colour Block Cosmetic Storage Box’ is such a bargain for your university room costing just £4.99. As a uni student i’ve learnt storage is KEY! This box comes in two beautiful colours so it’ll make your room look put together as well as extremely tidy. 

SHEIN are experts in wall hangings and decor, it seems, so these ‘Woven Macrame Plant Hanger’ are not going to disappoint. Just purchase a low maintenance plant to place into the hanger and you’ve got a beautiful addition to your room. They’re now only £2.49 so grab them quickly!

Another must have in my opinion is these ‘6pcs Solid Wall Hook’ for just £1.99. They simply press and stick onto your wall so you’re able to hang anything off them (including a few items mentioned in this article.) Theyre perfect too for putting on the back of your door to keep your favourite coat to hand before you head out. 

SHEIN do a wide range of Satin Pillowcases for just £5.49, these being both beneficial and kind to your skin while also looking so pretty in your room! 

Now, this ‘Plain Plush Carpet’ is an essential for your university space whether it be in your room or even your shared living room, this is an added touch you won’t know you needed until you’ve got it. It comes in two sizes, the larger one costing just £9.99. 

These ‘Solid Fuzzy Cushion Covers’ from SHEIN are an absolute steal at their current price of £2.99! Although this doesn’t come with the padding for inside the pillow this price is still absolutely fantastic for when you’re on that Uni budget but want a nice cosy living space. With there being a range of 4 colours, this makes it easy to tailor what colour you would like in your room. 

Next up, the ‘woven triangle wall hanging.’ Some uni accommodations or houses don’t have the best facilities (if any!) So, this multipurpose hanging is brilliant for holding your loo roll or even face cloths. It’s a cheap, simple way to make your bathroom space feel a little more ‘boujee’ for just £2.49. 

I recently got this ‘bedside hanging storage bag’ for only £2.99 and it’s perfect to pop your tv remote, phone, or note pads in for somebwere easily accessible! As i keep saying, storage is KEY in a university bedroom as you have to maximise your space. 

These ‘Multi Function Desktop Humidifiers’ have been all the rage recently and for great reason too! Add some water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils and you university bedroom will smell amazing. Top Tip: Essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree oil are perfect for relieving you of cold symptoms and fights respiratory infections.

Written by Suzy Winson.