Top 4 quirky Cafes to visit in London

Cereal killer cafe – Pick up a bowl of ‘90s nostalgia. The famous cereal-only cafe offers 120 international cereals that you can eat by the bowl, with 20 optional toppings and a whopping 30 different milks. Beyond the sugary fare itself, the cafe is decorated with cereal memorabilia, with TVs playing classic morning shows from the 1980s and ‘90s. If you’re after a bit of childhood nostalgia and a craving for something sweet, Cereal Killer is a great quick hit.

Elan Cafe – London’s most instagrammable cafe by a floral pink country mile. There’s a wall entirely covered with pink blooms that every influencer in London appears to have taken a picture of themselves against.They’ve partnered up with Union Coffee and you can even buy a range in store of beauty products made from the recycled coffee by-products. Food wise, breakfast is all acai bowls and avo on toast

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – Guests can enjoy a drink, cake or a full High Tea service in our Wonderland-themed tearooms, joined by their wonderful rescue cats.

Brigit’s Bakery – Brigit’s Bakery London specialises in Afternoon Tea with a French Twist – L’Afternoon Tea. Enjoy the afternoon tea either at their luxury bakery in Covent Garden or on the move on our unique and hugely popular bus tours.