Weirdest Cereal Combos!

Marshmallow cereal with green milkshake

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Most importantly, how often do you start your day with breakfast? Despite it being considered “one of the most important meals of the day” it actually isn’t according to the NHS – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be! With it being National Cereal Day, our weirdest cereal combos you’ll be sure to want to try before you head out the door! In other words, why not have some fun with your food?

Also remember you can save money finding your own alternatives to these cereals! Tag us in your stories for what Combo’s you come up with or even some of ours you’ve tried ( @carbononcampus on Instagram & Twitter!)

Chocolate Frosted Flakes and … Sour Patch Kids?

All cereal images from Cereal Killer Café

Firstly, think about it: you have a crunchy chocolate flake and a sour patch kid looking up at you on your spoon. You’re genuinely surprised at how the texture isn’t even that horrible? As well as the Sour Patch Kid cereal having a sour then quite sweet taste – the chocolate flakes compliment the taste well! Obviously – NOT AN EVERYDAY BREAKFAST! By far one of our weirdest cereal combos! Certainly no cavities please… Carbon doesn’t have the funds for your dentist appointment….

What alternatives can I afford?

Lidl’s Choco Shells £1.05

(We don’t recommend using actual Sour Patch Kids in your cereal… think of the children!)

Cap’n Crunch’s Peanut Butter Crunch with Froot Loops Marshmallows!

Alternatively, I had to try and make it a bit healthy with that yummy artificial fruit flavouring paired with a load of peanut butter balls – again, you’d be surprised with the textures! A crunchy peanut butter ball and fruity loop with matching marshmallow works well for a flavourful cereal – also the colours are pretty!

What alternatives can I afford?

Crownfield Peanut Honey Flakes – LIDL 85p

ASDA Rainbow Hoops cereal £1.49

Oreo O’s and Cookie Crisp – a chocolate sensation!

On the other hand, maybe I’m biased as this is my dream combo of two of my favourite things! I love Cookie Crisp – however never thought to merge Oreos? Now, I’ve heard a few people disappointed in the Oreo cereal – so lucky for us Oreo’s work well with milk! Certainly grab a pack of Oreo’s and snap up some pieces into your Cookie Crisp cereal!

You know the drill:

Choco Hoops – ASDA own brand £1.10

Pack of Oreo original or double stuff 99p

Oreo O’s Golden and Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes

While on the subject of Oreo’s; there’s a Golden sensation! These paired with a Frosties/Marshmallow combo is sure to be a beautiful bowl – above all, colourful marshmallows popping up around the golden cereal mix is making me smile just thinking about it! Of course, be prepared for the sugar crash… Carbon cares, right?

Oreo Golden Biscuits – ASDA 99p

Honey Hoops Cereal – ASDA £1.29 / ASDA Honey Nut Corn Flakes Cereal 94p

Frosted Flakes Cereal – ASDA 98p

Coco Pop Rocks and Nutrigrain

Finally, I’m probably biased again as this sounds like a beautiful dream to me. The nostalgia of having Coco Pop Rocks when I was younger (don’t talk to me if you didn’t eat all the harder rocks first and saved all the big soft ones last to marinate in the chocolatey milk – mmmm…) along with a brown sugary kick – which is also a cereal with high protein (see, Carbon can be healthy)!

ASDA Choco Rocks around £1 (couldn’t find exactly online but I’ve seen in store)

Crownfield Caramel Crispy Cubes – LIDL £1.19

ASDA Honey Nut Crunch with Milk Chocolate Curls 94p/99p (Rollback pricing compared to normal – applies to some other ASDA cereals listed)

Combo inspo from Cereal Killer Café

Locally (Southampton) you can buy some of these American cereals: Hooch & Candy (in-store)

So, what one of our weirdest cereal combos will you be trying? Even with our alternatives, we hope you feel inspired to try a random combo of some of your favourite things (remember to tag us: @carbononcampus )! In other words, my brain can’t stop thinking about the boxes of Chocolate clusters/brownies you can buy in ASDA and Tesco… now just a cereal to compliment them…

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