What cameras are best for Fashion Photography.

Fashion photography is a genre of photography which captures clothing and different fashion items. Fashion photography is popular within advertisements and fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity fair or Elle. Fashion photographers covers a lot of locations, for example, runway shows to brand catalogues, advertising, model portfolios and more. They can shoot in photo studios to shoots on the streets or special locations.

Lots of different cameras are used in the fashion photography industry for example; Canon EOS-5D Mark III (excellent view finder, two memory card slots, a large number autofocus settings this camera is one of the most popular camera for fashion shooting), Nikon D7100 (high image detail, fast autofocus, high burst speed, advanced ergonomics, his camera is a good commercial fashion photography camera, it has two useful slots for SD cards and this makes it possible to take more RAW shots to get the perfect picture), Canon EOS 7D Mark II (advanced ergonomics and fine control settings, burst speed up to 10 frames, long battery life, good burst speed for  high-quality work with a model in a studio, the autofocus points cover almost the entire frame ) and Nikon D300 BUDGET.

Vogue fashion photographers use a 85mm lens. It is best known as the quintessential portrait lens among photographers. Capturing striking close-ups as well as full-length frames with sufficient details which is key for a good photograph is why this camera is used and it produces the best quality of images that vogue photographers use to capture their work.

By Tierney Rocks