Who are Sophia & Cinzia?

By Immi Sturgeon

Cinzia Bayliszulio is a fashion and lifestyle Influencer who shares a successful YouTube channel with best friend and fellow Instagramer, Sophia Tuxford with 380k Subscribers. 

Their channel started with chatty and tipsy ‘get ready with me- night out’ videos when the two were only 18, fresh and brace-faced. Now, seven years later, the Channel consists of Travel and lifestyle day vlogs, girly chats and eat with us videos. No matter how much their Channel grows they’ve always kept the ‘Relatable, just 2 best friends living life’ vibe, making their audience feel as if they are just tagging along on their day or eating meals with their besties through the screen.

Sophia and Cinzia photo from Cinzias Instagram, announcing the launch of their collaboration with @Nikistudios

The duo also share a very popular Podcast called ‘The girl’s bathroom’ which is in the podcast top 10 and has 10 mil regular listeners. The podcast is going on tour with live ‘Single diary’ content, answering the audience’s query’s and offering big sister advice.

‘The girl’s bathroom’ brand also sells a popular ‘pres’ card drinking game, loungewear, accessories and as of this week a book.

Together the girls have Collaborated with brands such as NickiStudios, Slazenger and I Saw It First on clothing lines. They’ve made sponsored posts with companies such as Ego Official, Astrid, Hello Fresh, Casetify, White Fox Boutique and Function of beauty.

The pair are Instagram’s hottest with a collective of 881k followers on their personal accounts. The acai Bowl, Joe in the Juice, Macha and Fashion enthusiasts post very aesthetic photos of outfits, designer bags, shoes and jewellery. Lifestyle and dining very consistently. 

The dynamic duo are only going to get bigger with so much to offer their followers whilst still portraying such an authentic girl, girl persona. If you don’t know Sophia and Cinzia, get to know.