Why these smart scientists are our new Girl Bosses!

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Over the past 15 years, the global community has made a lot of effort in inspiring and engaging women and girls in science. Yet long-standing biases and stereotypes are steering girls and women away from science related fields. See why these smart scientists are our new Girl Bosses! Because we’re more than just being pretty, you know!

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girl’s in Science, Carbon found a few women to celebrate their achievements today! They’ve done some pretty amazing stuff and deserve to be applauded – so see why these smart scientists are our new Girl Bosses!

1. Lucy Hughes and her bioplastic!

Firstly, in November Hughes made a bioplastic out of fish-waste (irony of plastic killing fish yet she’s found a way to make them into something we can use every day? Iconic!), and won the 2019 James Dyson award. Her prize was £30K and she beat other designers from 27 other countries, go Lucy!

In conclusion, how does this fish-waste bioplastic work? For instance, it breaks down in food-waste or compost bins, the key ingredients are fish scales and skin. In other words, waste products that MarinaTex saves from ending up in landfill and the bioplastic is strong, translucent and flexible. Above all, it’s a great alternative for single-use packaging such as bags and sandwich wrappers! No matter how sustainable you are, this bioplastic will help a lot towards the environment with our everyday usage! Big round of applause for our girl boss Lucy!

2. Tiera Guinn, an aerospace major!

Moreover, a second smarty-pants is a 21-year-old aerospace major! With a 5.0 GPA also working as a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System! Working with NASA before graduating, she helped build a rocket that could be one of the biggest and most powerful ever made!

In addition, a quote from Guinn everyone should think about is: “You have to look forward to your dream and you can’t let anybody get in the way of it. No matter how tough it may be, no matter how many tears you might cry, you have to keep pushing. And you have to understand that nothing comes easy. Keeping your eyes on the prize, you can succeed.”

3. Vera Rubin on dark matter…

Born in 1928, she proved that dark matter existed in the universe. Finding invisible gravity sources were pulling planets and stars in certain directions – she won the National Medal of Science in 1933 by President Clinton! The recognition she deserves!

On her obituary (she died Dec. 25, 2016), the New York Times wrote, “Dr. Rubin, cheerful and plain-spoken. Had a lifelong love of the stars, championed women in science and was blunt about the limits of humankind’s vaunted knowledge of nature.” For people to view her in this light is so inspirational, even mentioning how she “championed women in science”! Like a boss, obviously!

4. Rita Levi-Montalcini the neurologist!

Finally, Rita Levi-Montalcini, an Italian neurologist who won a Nobel prize in 1986 for discovering the Nerve growth factor! This led to discoveries on how that nerve growth can go wrong in diseases like cancer and dementia. Studying medicine in the University of Turin, just before her discovery, she was then forced into hiding in Florence during the German occupation of Italy (1943–45) because of her Jewish ancestry. She was able to resume her research at Turin after the war – yet I’m here struggling to get out of bed in the morning, wow.

In addition to her achievements, in 1987 she was awarded the National Medal of Science! Also a autobiographical work, “In Praise of Imperfection” was published in 1988. After that, in 2001 Italian Prime Minister Carlo Ciampi appointed Rita senator for life for her outstanding contributions to science! Finally, her death on December 30th, marking a day to remember in Rome (2012). From her accomplishments to how motivated she was throughout her life, she was an icon to science.

In other words, these scientists have impacted the world in wonderful ways! To help give the recognition they deserve, Carbon hopes you agree why these smart scientists are our new Girl Bosses!

Sienna Jordan