Why Winnie Harlow is flying the diversity flag within the fashion industry

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow red lip

With Winnie recently modelling PUMA’s Kyron sneakers, we wanted to look into Winnie as a person. 2020 has been a bit of a mess, and she’s been in some beautiful campaigns (especially this year). Her vitiligo was a big factor to her being bullied when she was younger. This contributes heavily to why Winnie Harlow is flying the diversity flag within the fashion industry, but first: What has Winnie been up to?

Winnie was introduced as the face of sportswear label PUMA’s Kyron Awakening campaign. A brand new sneaker silhouette that plays around with classic designs from PUMA, merging them with modern details!

Winnie Harlow for PUMA Kyron Awakening campaign

“Kyron shoes are anything from ordinary as it really stands out from the crowd. It’s great as I can pair in so many ways and go from day to night with ease and style.”

Winnie Harlow about the Kyron sneakers

With colourways like White/Marshmallow and White/Dazzling blue, these sneakers can be paired up with anything! Going for $90/£80:

In addition to the recent Vogue trend going on TikTok and Instagram, CARBON wanted to revisit Winnie’s VOGUE Greece cover. Back in February, she’s seen wearing Gucci Cruise 2020 designs for an elegant front cover. Based on the concept of gender equality and women’s freedom in abortion, it sends a powerful message.

VOGUE Greece Brave New World Winnie Harlow cover
“Vogue Values – Brave New World” , photographed by Vasilis Kekatos

Finally, Elle Australia has enlightened us to a TedxTeen talk by Winnie! She expresses how “diversity isn’t a trend” – true that! Hilfiger says Harlow perfectly embodies the perseverance, passion and optimism that the brand represents, and we couldn’t agree more! Listen to her TedxTeen talk here!

Follow Winnie’s Instagram as well as ours! Also check out my fave article in case you missed it:

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