Women in power-Queen of the South

In recent years, huge pressure is being put on the film industry to place more women in the position of screenwriters, directors, producers, actresses, and so on. Just think about how enthusiastically you sit down and watch iconic tv shows like Grey`s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Bridgerton, all of these, and much more others have been created by Shona Rhimes. Or how refreshing it is to binge-watch New Girl, Cable Girls, or The Bold Type because it`s so inspiring, especially as millennials and Gen Z people since we struggle a lot with self-belief and confidence. These shows give us that little reminder that we are capable of anything we put our mind to even in this patriarchal society.

And oh boy talking about patriarchy imagine the drug business, how hard it must be to climb your way up as a woman. That is exactly what we have an insight into in the show Queen of the South, a woman gaining her power in a male-dominated world and how in this very cold and sometimes heartless business she is able to stay true to herself and to what she believes in.

The story is about Teresa Mendoza going from drug mule to the head of one of the most powerful drug cartels. Not only we can see the dangerous world of the drug business but the character development of a lot of people and women in power. The show has a fresh spin on showing another layer of important issues like good or bad, consequences, loyalty, and integrity that is often not too well represented in other series. The almost entirely Latino/Latina cast also adds to the authenticity due to the Mexican world portrayed in the show.

In the first season, we see Teresa as the housewife of a wealthy drug dealer who then gets murdered. From then on, we can see the survival of the main character throughout the first season. That`s the keyword “survival”- how does a woman who depends on her boyfriend go to being an independent gang leader.

If we put aside the fact that the show is pretty much about drugs, guns, conspiracies, and a bunch of other illegal acts the most important thing we can learn from it is that with hard work, self-belief, and with the right people around us anything is possible even in a male-dominated world.

The show was based on the book `La Reina del Sur` by Arturo Perez-Reverte which was originally adopted as a telenovela in Spanish after gaining popularity it was produced in English in 2016.

Teresa Mendoza: Played by Alice Braga

Teresa is a former money exchanger from Sinaloa who has risen to the head of a drug cartel. She is a survivor who thinks quickly on her feet and does whatever to make it out alive of any situation. She observes, talks less, and by using every information given to her she is taking risks to achieve her goals. A leader who dislikes violence and despises the idea of being a violent criminal, especially if it is unnecessary.

She is a kind, humble, and emphatic woman who builds an empire based on loyalty, respect, and friendship.

“This woman is someone who never victimized herself. She never feared a challenge or a difficult situation. Teresa always found a way to flip bad situations into something that works to her advantage. She’s such an interesting character who always overcomes adversity. What I learned from her is to always look forward toward the future no matter what — keep going!”-said Alice Braga in an interview for Entertainment.

Camila Vargas: Played by Veronica Falcon

(Photo by: Justin Stephens/USA Network)

Camila is one of Teresa`s enemies throughout the show. A very full of pride woman who`s very good at picking out her enemy’s weaknesses. Smart and skilled at the art of manipulation she goes to the furthest lengths to protect her daughter Isabela.

In an Instagram post, Veronica explained how she tapped into the character of Camila to humanize her: “I am a mother as well. I understand drive,” she stated. “I understand wanting to prove yourself in a man’s world. I understand commitment. I understand hard work and I understand love and I understand loyalty. Those were points that were easy for me to access.”

Kelly Anne Van Awken: Played by Molly Burnett

She becomes a key character after her appearance in season two of the show. A southern belle who graduated at the top of her class in law school but gave up on her dream to become a lawyer to become a housewife to an abusive man.

She ends up working for Teresa and we see her going through huge character development; from a scared housewife to one of Teresa`s most important family and crew members and getting the chance to live the life of a smart, talented woman the way she was intended to.

“Anytime you have two females that are portrayed in this powerful, independent, empathetic, powerful way, it’s a win. That our show has some badass female characters is such a treat to be a part of.”– Molly Burnett said in an interview with We Are Entertainment News.

If you want to get inspired or just want to gain a little confidence this show is definitely recommended, just make sure you put your inspiration and the confidence towards the carrier choices that you can handle! All episodes are available on Netflix.

Written by Alexandra Toth