Refillable packaging = saving our planet

With the world ever deteriorating due to pollution and climate change, us beauty enthusiasts can only do our part to help. Many brands have opted into making packaging that is more environmentally friendly.

From small brands to bigger ones, everyone has heeded the call. To name a few Glow Recipe, Milk Makeup, Kiehl’s, Glossier, amongst many others. 

Glow recipe jumped on this with their newest release, The Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream, which features a custom glass jar and refillable inserts that pop out and can easily be replaced.

It is important for brands to help the planet in every way they can, and if that means disposable and more eco-friendly packaging then so be it. 

Beauty brands with a substantial clientele should think about creating more eco-friendly packaging as it will influence more people to be sustainable.

Another great advantage of refillable products is that you will be able to buy your favourite products at a cheaper price as you won’t be paying for the extra packaging which also contributes to less packaging and manufacturing costs, so a win/win for everyone.

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by: João Costa