The ‘Lifted’ contour look

If you haven’t yet heard of TikTok, you may need to come out of that rock you’ve been hiding under. TikTok trends are emerging from people trying new hacks or even for a bargain on your favourite brands.

 A fresh trend has hit the mega popular social media app TikTok. Since its launch in 2016, we are already used to seeing people dancing around to popular sounds; or in this case putting out beauty reviews on hyped products or trends and decide whether they are a Nay or Slay.

The latest trend to hit your ‘For You’ page would be a new contouring technique that is achieved using a filter TikTok has created. 

This filter allows you to get a snatched contour in only a few simple steps with guidelines in place for highlight, blush, and contour. Instead of applying the bronzer/contour just below the cheekbones you apply it just above along with your blusher. the results? A supper chiselled and defined cheekbone. And the experts approve too, from Mikayla Nougueira and NikkieTutorials.

If you want to be as snatched as they are, pop on over to TikTok and try it out yourself.

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by: João Costa