8 Amazing Lessons I Learnt from Cheerleading

For the past 4 years I have been a cheerleader. Those four years have given me some of the best memories, experiences and emotions of my life. I have attended too many practices to count. I have competed in many competitions and I have made friends for life. It has taught me how to perfect how I stick on false eyelashes and to do my competition hair and makeup. But there are other lessons I am talking about that mean so much more. Cheerleading has taught me about myself and taught me about life…


Since cheerleading my confidence levels have gone up sky high. You have to have confidence and believe in yourself when it comes to cheerleading. This applies to competitions and performances, going into a tumble, and everything else that cheerleading entails.


Being a negative Nancy in cheerleading will not get you anywhere in cheerleading. Cheering your teammates on whilst watching them is a big part of cheer and it will make you feel like a better teammate in the long run. To be a cheerleader you need S-P-I-R-I-T! You’re a cheerleader AKA the cheerful person who is in charge of getting everyone excited. A cheer squad isn’t made of one person. In order to have a stunt, pyramid, or basket happen you need your team. You need to learn how to work together with others in order to reach your goal. You need your team for skills, for support, and to make up a squad.


What kind of person willingly runs and throws their body around trying to deify all laws of gravity? What kind of person trust others enough to let them throw them around? What kind of person would let someone free fall in the air and expect them to fall correctly and safely into their arms? Cheerleaders that is who. The skills we perform require us to be fearless.


If you’re a cheerleader it is because you love it. There is no part-time cheerleaders. The season for us is about all year-round. You have those long tiring practices when coach says “last time” but really it is never the last time. You spend hours in those practices, cheering games, traveling and participating in competitions, and so much more.


There are plenty of things that can go wrong and that you can do wrong in the sport of cheerleading. Sometimes it is your fault that something falls. When that happens someone is going to correct you. Receiving correction and pointers from coaches has helped me to understand how to take criticism. They are not saying I did something wrong because they don’t like me. They are always working to help me figure out the best way to do something.


Cheerleading has continuously pushed me to set goals for myself. I am constantly wanting to get better and increase my skills. Cheerleading challenges me to set goals to push myself to the next level.


In order to perform skills you need to be all about that skill. The flipping, throwing, jumping, and catching takes concentration. It takes the want to accomplish it. You may not get a skill the first time you do it. You become determined and driven to get those skills that you have been focusing so hard on.


Your life may feel upside down or you might actually be upside down in a back tuck…..never stop smiling.

Cheerleading has taught me to treat my life like a performance. You only get so much time and you want to be remembered in the best way possible.