A Talk with Macro influencer: Jaclyn De Leon.

Check out a Q&A style interview

Jaclyn De Leon, 41 from San Diego gives the low down on life as a macro influencer whilst currently living in Temecula, CA.

Jaclyn has a great aestistic built feed, full of reels, styled images with a consistent flter that gives her touch on her feed. If you follow Jaclyn you would find her authentic realistic approach to her feed introducing affordable and cheap alternatives to having a glam boho chic look that she dresses throughout her feed, not just this but Jaclyn also shows family lifestyle on her feed, juggling a fashion styling

How would you describe your content and what/who are your inspirations? 

I would say I’m a woman that always has loved fashion and styling.  I love to share my daily outfits, affordable finds, outfit ideas, how to wear current style trends and overall style tips. Making my feed realistic for others to also consume, not only gain inspiration but also

Through your content what messages/values do you try to project onto your audience?

I try to share my outfit ideas with tips so everyone can feel confident and cute in their clothes. Building others’ confidence is key and something that Instagram should be fulfilled and with every post, I push self-love and confidence.

How would you describe your career path with influencing, and how do you weigh influencing in with your day to day lifestyle? 

Influencing is my full-time career.  I try to do most of my work when my kids are at school but otherwise work when I can.  It’s basically 24/7.

When you do a brand collaboration, what factors do you consider before your collaboration? 

I always make sure I love and use the product.  I’ve turned down tons of collaborations because I didn’t like the product or it didn’t work for me.  I also think of my audience and what they like to see.

At what point would you decline a paid partnership? 

It depends on the collab.  If it’s something I know I don’t like right at the get-go then I just decline it.  If it’s something I’ve never tried but am interested in then I will try the product and if I don’t like it I will decline.

How did you build your following to get to the point it is today? 

It’s been over 5 years that I’ve been doing this.  Posting consistently and engaging with the community is key

If you were to continue with influencing where would you like the career to take you? 

I’m just enjoying what I do and taking it one day at a time and seeing what opertunits lead to, i really enojy my family .

Make sure to check out Jaclyn on instagram and Tik Tok to keep updated with her famous amazon steals!