All under £5? The body collection England arrives at Wilko!

On my recent essential trip to Wilko’s the last thing I was expecting was to be met by a counter brimming with affordable makeup choices! Not only was I astounded by the prices (starting at £2) but I was impressed by the overall aesthetic and sleekness of the rose gold packaging. It seemed necessary to pick up a handful of items and try them for myself to see if the quality of the product met the quality of packaging.

Eye shadow palette in Red carpet glam (£2.50)

There was an array of palettes in beautiful shades perfect for autumn winter. This berry toned palette captured my attention due to its pressed glitter pigment and cranberry shade that could make for a lovely Christmas eye look, so i was curious to see how they would blend and layer together. Purple tones are often difficult to formulate in eye shadows so straight away I swatched the plum shade. I was surprised to find the pigmentation was good and true to colour in the pan much like the other matte shades in the palette. The shades are very soft and blend fairly easily too. Next my attention turned to the shimmers that turned out to be stunning and give a foiled effect on the eye. Finally I was nervous about the pressed glitter as these can be tricky and sometimes require glitter glue, however the glitter had great pigmentation and by simply pressing with a finger was simple to use. My only criticism would be that the glitter is the slightest bit patchy which can be expected from a pure pigment.  Overall i would recommend this palette as for the price the pay off is as good as good as you could hope for and the compact size makes it easy to transport!

The brow kit in dark brown (£2.50)

This little brow kit comes in three shades blonde, brown and dark brown, the shades looked promising as they appeared to be cool toned which is a mistake brow products often make by being too warm, giving a less natural and hair like appearance when applied. On the left side there is a pomade for setting and adding depth and the right is a shadow for filling in. The shadow was pigmented and worked perfectly with an angled brush to fill in the brows, this shade also looked natural and matched my hair colour well. I then finished off the brows by adding the pomade to the ends of my brow to get a more precise look. Then finally added the clear brow gel to set them. The products worked very well together and can be used for a statement or natural look. I found my brows stay in place all day with the brow gel too!

 Lip crush liquid lipstick plum (£2.50)

I was initially drawn to the liquid lips due to the packaging was a dupe for Fenty. Looking closer there was not a great shade selection as they were all vibrant ranging from red to pink. I went for the plum shade as it was the most natural out of the selection. On opening the product the scent put me off slightly as it reminded me of a cherry cough sweet sadly. Then on application i was saddened to realise the formula was more like a thick lip gloss than a lipstick which was too tacky for my liking. Therefore i don’t think I will be using this product again.

The least successful product for me would be the liquid lip but I would be curious to try the normal lipsticks and liners. Overall I was impressed with the quality of all the products for the price and would be excited to branch out and try the rest of the range! 

Written by Imogen Vivier