Art Deco(r)

If like many people out there you’re also bored of minimalism, thankfully, eccentricity has come back into fashion. There’s a whole world of unique oddities for you to display in your space, you just have to know where to look.

A trend that has come into interior design again lately is taxidermy. Whilst off the bat this might sound like 50 steps backwards from how far we’ve come as a society in terms of conscious buying, taxidermy is even following in its footsteps. Framed butterflies and moths are becoming increasingly popular as household ornaments, a lot of which are now being ethically sourced as they’re found already dead or are considered invasive species, think of it a bit like flower pressing.

From @chiaramontifrancesco on Instagram, Etsy link:

The same goes for resin insects. Bugs were interestingly a frequently used art inspiration in the 1920s art deco movement as well as art nouveau in previous years, as the roaring 20s can finally come into full swing why not embrace your inner Gatsby or flapper girl for the new golden era.

You can also achieve 20s glamour by even just changing up your bedding if antiques aren’t your thing. Matalan is an unsung hero when it comes to inexpensive homeware, you can also get a bit thrifty by doing a quick Etsy or eBay search.

Rosa Macvicar