Being an influencer Business owner and a Student.

By Rebecca Conroy

@Bherrabhabie is a digital creator with a following spanning across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She’s gained an impressive following of 16.5k on Instagram, a figure that pushed the boundaries of what she thought was possible further than she ever expected.

Alongside her personal Instagram (where she posts tutorials, fitspo and enviable aesthetic stories and posts) Isabella also owns her own hair styling business @hairbybherra and a synthetic hair piece shop @thebbbcollectionuk. Here we hear a little bit about her personal outlook on her growing platform and what she values as a digital creator.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got started and found your own unique voice in such a vast market?

I’m Isabella, a 21-year-old Business student/ entrepreneur, to be honest it was never my intention to grow such a big platform I just used to post consistently, and I saw my following grow. I saw an opportunity on how I can monetise it, so I took the opportunity and continued to grow my social media.

How would you describe the brand identity that you’ve created?

I’m still really trying to figure that out to be honest. I no longer want to just post pretty photos or tutorials I want to post educational content, content that brings value to my audience. But for now, my brand identity is hopefully, transparent/fun and relatable.

When you create your content what are your goals?

When I create content, my goal is to engage and reach as many people as possible, with the new Instagram algorithm posting has become a headache!

How do you adapt to the constant evolution of social media and the industry?

I don’t and that’s exactly my problem I find myself being inconsistent. Which isn’t ideal in this industry.

As a beauty business owner what advice would you give to an aspiring entrepreneur?

Whether you think you can or not you’re right – Henry Ford 
Consistency beats talent!

Who are your favourite influencers? 

I have a mix of favourite influencers, content creators that create valued content and content creators that I follow because they are pretty and aesthetic.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve experienced when you’ve been growing your platform?

Working with brands such as too faced and ohpolly 

Any criticisms of the social media industry?

People only support what’s popular and social media isn’t real life, everyone on here lies about everything. Which is why I aim to be as transparent as possible.

What do you wish you knew before you started? 

I wish I knew that consistency is everything, and to just be yourself