Bring luxe to your skincare regime with the use of a simple material ‘SILK!’

The new answer to our intercession has been revealed. ‘Silk’, a material that had not been taken into consideration when it comes to beauty notion is the latest tool used to achieve flawless skin. 

Ever since the pandemic had occurred, many people from across the nation has been searching for the most liable skincare regime to carry out from home. This has influenced consumers to make habitual purchases in the time of seeking a variety. All purchases involved formulas and appliances, but materials had never appeared to be an essential.  

Skincare is not just an investment but is also an essential journey that you trace to keep your skin looking at its best. Having an effectual method could help shut out acne, wrinkles and dark spots resulting in clearer glowing skin. 

‘Silk’. Silk may just be a type of material but is also the reason why many people are awakening to clearer looking skin today. This smooth fabric does not just serve a purpose for the skin but is also beneficial amongst the hair, resulting in less frizz and breakage. It is hypoallergenic and is quite cool to rest on whereas cotton increases skin sensitivity and has been scientifically proven to be rough against the skin. Silk fabric is less absorbent and doesn’t store any form of moisture overnight which improves the appearance of fine lines and ensuring hydration levels are maintained. 

Everyone suffers from a breakout occasionally and it could be quite irritating. However, changing your bedtime beauty routine and the surface layer to where you lay your head to rest, could be the perfect solution to obtaining immaculate skin. 

Retail brands like, and are selling a pair from £45 upwards. Why not check it out? Who would have thought that a piece of material could make a such difference to your skincare routine and emphasis the warmth impression of rest? 

Wanting tamed hair and smooth unblemished hydrated skin, why not invest in a silk pillowcase today and see what good it could do for you? Save more and purchase less!

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!


By Vanessa Goodwin