Easy sustainable switches for your bathroom cabinet

Written by Daisy Osborne 

Clean up your act with these small beauty swaps that can make all the difference 

If 2020 has highlighted anything to us it was climate change and how the planet is suffering due to our unconscious consumption.  Zerowaste has estimated that the beauty industry alone is responsible for over 120 billion units of packing – most of which are not recyclable and these stats don’t even register tools such as make up brushes and straighteners! Fortunately, beauty brands are starting to wake up and make more ethical choices regarding their supply chain, packaging and sustainability of ingredients. Making the choice to switch to green beauty has never been so easy. plenty of alternatives that limit waste production whilst saving you money. Start today with these simple eco beauty swaps: 

Alternative ear buds 

Ear buds get used in seconds but take years to break down littering the seas. In 2017 the national history museum wildlife photographer of the year finalist sent shockwaves across the globe with a photograph of a seahorse holding an earbud. This sparked the conversation for change in single use plastics. Try Bamboo alternatives for an ecofriendly option or silicon earbuds can be reused for up to 5 years.  

Safety Razor  

Sick of ingrown hairs and razor rash? Safety razors made from metal or wood have replaceable blades ensuring more precision, less drag and irritation. All blades are made from steel making them the easiest product to recycle in the world. So, you won’t feel guilty never having a blunt shave again. 

No Packaging 

Swap liquids for bars and go naked. Lush has pioneered ‘naked’ an entirely package concept ranges from makeup to shower products their ethos is to ‘pamper without packaging, reducing the waste’. 


If you stick with packing make sure its refillable. Refillable pouches are often sold for less than the original product and there’s much less waste. It’s a win- win situation. L’Occitane claims it uses 98% less packaging and like many brands have the option to send back your empties to accumulate points towards future purchases.  

Cleansing cloths 

Ditch the makeup wipes for god’s sake! 20 million end up in landfill each day not including the ones wreaking havoc in the drainage systems. They don’t clean our faces properly so why are we even using them? Try pairing a decent make up remover with a washable face cloth. Washable face rounds made from natural cotton or bamboo are a sustainable option. However good old-fashioned flannels or muslin cloths work just as well. 

Aerosol free  

Aerosols are pesky little devices that give freezer burns and get stuck in your throat.  They have a negative effect on the environment causing damage to the Ozone layer. Try powdered deodorants or styling products that have a pump. In our experience they last even longer. 

Feminine hygiene products

Conventional sanitary products are a thing of the past. Made from plastic, wrapped in plastic and applied by plastic applicators. The average pack of pad has the same amount of plastic as 5 carrier bags- and we’re supposed to use them for our kitty?! Swapping to a medical grade silicone menstrual cup can reduce up to 528 pads/ tampons over the course of 2 years. If that’s a bit out there for you try washable cloth pads that slip comfortable into your knickers. But if you’re set on tampons reduce your footprint by trying Dame’s reusable tampon applicator its compact and made from silicone. They also have a subscription service that deliver organic cotton tampons. Rinse all silicone devices using soap and warm water. 

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