Elsie & Fred

By immi Sturgeon

Elise and Fred are a unique fashion brand which gained more popularity from a bigger mainstream audience around festival season, alongside many other small businesses specialising in out there clothing items, festival and rave wear as we came out of the pandemic and music festivals and events started up again. Elsie and Fred then partnered with big fashion brands, becoming available to purchase on ‘Dolls Kill’, ‘Top shop’ ‘Asos’ and ‘Asos Market place’, but let’s start from the beginning of the brand and how far it’s come.

Elise and Fred began in 2015, created by three siblings from Coventry. The siblings all undergo leading roles for their brand, all three-take responsibility for being head of design but more specific rolls are assigned to each sibling to keep the brands unique dynamic flowing smoothly. Natalie is head of manufacturing and finance. Leanne is the brands creative director and Ryan is the head of visuals and graphic design.

The sibling owned brand is Pro- everything, they stand by being bold and fun, and state ‘Everybody can sit with us”. The brand, rightfully, quotes they will not be quite on subjects that matter to them. All content is created in house, in there London studio. Elsie and Fred sale stunning pieces, being coats, dresses, Co-Ord’s to hats and socks. Their products are manufactured in china with a brand they are very connected and faithful in. The brand also seems to be making moves which reduce their carbon footprint. They use reusable mailing bags, recycled fabrics and vegan clothes dye. Though Elsie and Fred are thriving now, during lockdown they struggled, taking their team of 8 down to 2 and the siblings all spoke about how they struggled being separated, but in the brands true fashion and following their own words, ‘Spreading the message of positivity and realness’ everything has worked out in the end.