Fashion Influencer Chloe Davie spills the tea on all things about being an influencer!

Influencer marketing is on the rise and this is only just the beginning. Chloe Davie, London based fashion influencer with a current following of 112K, reveals her thoughts on the term ‘influencer’ and her advice for someone wanting to grow their own social media platforms.

How did you get into influencing and what made you want to do it?

I started when I was in my last year at university. I used to go to lots of festivals and events so would dress up and tag the brands I was wearing. I realised I could start something with the positive response, so I started to take it more seriously by uploading more consistently and better/high quality content.

Do you like to call yourself an influencer?

I don’t really like the term I would say content creator. 

How do you feel about the word influencer?

I feel like it has a negative connotation and is never looked in a positive way half the time! I feel like people use it to be mean to people and it is an extremely broad term because you have to question what you’re influenced and if it’s positive/negative and what makes you different. 

How did you grow your platform?

In lockdown with creating fashion videos and TikToks. Also, Pinterest was amazing at helping me grow because I had half brown and half blonde hair at the time so my look was recognisable.

How do you find managing your time between influencing/university/internship/social life?

I do have a job aside from my Instagram job which I do find hard to manage but I always find time – you just have to plan your week in advance. If you want to make something work, you can – especially with the lighter evenings you have much more time.

What are your goals for the future?

I would love to have my own clothing collection and be in a campaign photo shoot. 

When you first started posting did you expect to build an audience?

Not at all! I haven’t really had much confidence but growing my Instagram really has helped me/know myself better.

What was your first partnership and how was the experience?

Motel rocks! I couldn’t believe it they’re my favourite. They saw a festival image of me and asked if I could re-create it with their festival fashion items. I then built a great relationship with them, and they took me on lots of press trips and ended up interning with them.

Do you feel the influencer industry is over saturated? 

Not at all! We would never say that with any other industry. I think it’s amazing! My only thing (which I am also trying to get out of) is everyone looking and dressing the same and just following trends because it doesn’t make you unique/influential in my opinion. I do find this hard sometimes, especially with paid work, but it is something I am trying to get better with as I don’t want to be like everyone else.

If there is one thing you would change about social media, what would it be?

Being able to write rude language!

What is your proudest moment so far?

Going on a brand trip and working with my favourite brand ASOS! 

What advice would you give to someone looking to start influencing?

Don’t expect too much, do it because you love it and not because of what you think your life is going to end up like. Trust the process and surround yourself with good people who will support you.

What do you think the future of influencer marketing is?

I think it will expand further but maybe influencers having more freedom instead of having to follow a brief from brands! Showing everyone’s creative side. 

Follow Chloe on Instagram @chlodavie for fashion inspiration and a sneak peek into her fun-filled life, creating and sharing content along the way!

By Meghan Swales