Fenty Skin launches a newly face scrub ‘Cookies N Clean’ plugging the brands latest product!

Last week on the 22nd of April 2022, Fenty Skin had launched their Cookies N Clean whipped detox mask exclusively on their website.

Fenty skin was founded back in 2017 by a musical, fashion and beauty icon named Robyn Rihanna Fenty. The label tends to generate products to ordnance the power of beauty for all skin types and tones. Roby Rihanna Fenty is all about her consumers and producing goods to suit their needs. The concept behind this label is about having fun, no matter the circumstances and bettering your skin care voyage. 

Cookies N clean/cream which is also known to be an ice cream flavour; is expressed as being bubbly, bouncy and fun for the skin. This good is also cruelty free and is fully made up of hydrating ingredients that renders the skin to appear as bright and refined. A clay mask that could be used on both dry and sensitive skin treating acne, over exfoliated skin, and exposure to the harsh weather. 

Why is the product useful? 

Fenty Skin

The Cookies N clean clay detox face mask is formulated without the use of fragrance, tint and intense alcohol which marks it to be a perfect product to use on the skin regardless of what the skin has been previously exposed to. During the past week, there has been many updates and reviews online after using the Cookies N cream cleansing mask. Majority of those that have purchased and reviewed this product has stated that their skin feels extra soft and bouncy not to forgot clean and refreshed. 

The frothy, foamy clay mask is the most request product that is vegan and gluten free. This product could later result in enhanced skin texture and combat shine all day. So, Why not keep the shine without stripping or dry the skin at all? 

Fenty Skin has named this to be their top exclusive skincare product as it targets embellished areas of the skin and detoxifies and prevent future breakouts causing it to be used as an acne treatment as well as a weekly mask. 

Where can this product be purchased? 

The Cookies N clean clay detox face mask could be purchased at fentyskin.com and would exclusively be available starting from May 2022 in selective department stores like Sephora.com. 

By Vanessa Goodwin