Frizzy hair doesn’t care! Here’s how to tame your mane.

Controlling frizzy hair in the winter can sometimes be impossible! However, preparing your hair with products can combat any issues and keep your hair controlled in harsh weather conditions.

Serums, mousses, and sprays. The list goes on, but what products actually work on frizzy hair? Hairstylists have put a list together of their best products they would use on models and clients to control frizz!

The best place to start is the shampoo. The ‘Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia strengthening and smoothing shampoo’ helps prevent frizz and repairs split ends. Before using any serums or mouses on the hair, a good shampoo should be used to acts as a base for the other products.

Sol Janeiro Brazilian Joja Shampoo £22

After using shampoo, a hair mask can help prevent frizz. The ‘Frank Body Caffeinated hair mask’ is used to enhance curls and control frizz. Within a week of using the product, consumers have commented on a huge difference in their hair quality.

Before drying your hair, the ‘Aussie SOS instant humidity saviour hair spray’ helps keep frizz to a minimum. The product can be used on dry or wet hair and lasts for the whole day.

Aussie SOS Instant Humidity Saviour Hairspray £6.99

And for the final touch, the ‘Davines nourishing keratin sealer’ works at containing damaged strands of hair. Only a small amount of sealer is needed to cover the hair. The serum should be combed through the hair, mid-way to the tips for the best result.