Here’s how to get the perfect fake tan glow…


Whilst our summer tans are beginning to fade, it’s time to bring out the coconut sweet-smelling substance that gives you a bronzed look that you’ve been longing to have. Tanning may be a process, we all know that, it’s worth it. Sadly, we can’t all be sitting in the Mediterranean sun soaking up the rays, so whether it’s a bottle of £2.99 tan from Savers or £23.00 from St Tropez, it’s now that time to get your mitt on and start preparing yourself for the flawless faux glow.

STEP 1: Shave and Exfoliate 

Begin by shaving your desired areas, depending on what your general shaving routine is. Take a exfoliant for example, £10 Body Shop Strawberry Polish which works a miracle and a loofah, (pack of 3 from Poundland…you cant go wrong!) start scrubbing in circular motions everywhere you want to apply the tan to, chest, elbows and ankles are key as dead skin cells tend to cling on, annoying we know. You’ll be left with refreshingly smooth skin as well as smelling delicious.

strawberry scrub

STEP 2: Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise

We cannot stress enough how vital this is. The more moisture your skin has the more even and flawless your tan will look. The Vaseline Aloe Vera Moisturiser £3.00 from Boots, is something many swear by and will not set you back more than a few pounds and for us students, it’s the best. Once the whole body is done, apply a little extra on dry sections, such as ankles, elbows and knees, as the drier areas cling to tan more and you don’t want that.

STEP 3: Time for Tan

Cheap Tan is the best tan. We have to say St Moritz from Savers is undeniably the best one out there. Ranging in a variety of shades from light to darker than dark, you are guaranteed a flawless glow each time. To get the perfect smooth finish, the £4.99 Bondi Sands Reusable application Mitt, is not only soft to touch but is easy to wash, has been voted the best mitt ever! Blend in circular motions until your whole body is covered, make sure there’s no left over white patches. For the face, apply this 2 hours before you want you to wash off the body tan, as for the £9.00 SO Wonder light water, the Vitamin E infused and super-hydrating formula develops in a couple of hours giving your face a beautiful golden glow and that airbrushed filter effect. Do this before bed or when you have a day off, chuck on some baggy clothes and you’re set to go.

STEP 4:  Jump in the shower and get that gradual tan out

After the 8 hours is up, run a lukewarm shower and rinse your body, using any shower gel to freshen up the skin. Pat yourself dry with a towel and don’t be shy with the moisturiser. If you wish to top up the tan, £9.99 Garnier Summer body, is the way to go. It intensely moisturises and goes the extra mile to give you that sun kissed look. 

STEP 5: Time for a fresh layer

The time has come where the old tan may be looking a little patchy and starting to wear off in certain places (inner arms and chest are most common), this must go. Don’t worry as soon as its off a new layer can go straight on and you’ll be back looking as good as new. Take your exfoliator, the light £2.98 Dove Exfoliating body scrub from Superdrug will do the trick whilst leaving your skin feeling as soft as butter and by using some £1 exfoliating gloves from Primark (3 pack), don’t waste your time with a tan remover, the exfoliator and gloves have your back. Run a warm bath or shower and soak your skin for about five minutes, then begin applying the exfoliator on your skin from top to bottom, gently rub the gloves in a circular motion and then rinse after each section. Watch that tan go straight down the drain as your left with smooth and silky skin.

Martha Siseman x