How to Ease Rosacea

By Emma Foakes

Rosacea is a stubborn skin condition that mainly affects women and individuals with lighter coloured skin. According to the NHS, it affects one in ten. Symptoms of the condition are redness across the face which comes and goes, stinging when using water or skincare on the face, and even swelling/sore skin.

What triggers the inflammatory blush?

There isn’t conclusive evidence as to what triggers the condition, however steer clear of spicy foods, cheese, caffeine, and hot drinks. It has also been said that alcohol worsens the redness, so stick to juice rather than cocktails!

How to ease the condition:

Unfortunately there isn’t currently a cure for rosacea, but you can minimise the situation. There are at home remedies, such as using a gentle cleanser, wearing a high SPF suncream daily, and aiming to avid heat or humid conditions. If possible you should also cover your face in cold weather to avoid dryness.

If these tips don’t work for you, you could make an appointment at you local GP where they may prescribe antibiotics, creams, or gels, and may refer you to a dermatologist if the condition persists.

It’s important to remember that if you do have this condition it is in no way a flaw. Although you may feel self conscious it is nothing to be concerned about unless it is causing you pain.