How to help the planet with your skincare: Introducing the One Balm

Green People Obe Balm

Plastic pollution is the number one killer of marine wildlife, according to a new report by Oceana, the non-profit ocean conservation organisation. Scientists now estimate that 15 million metric tons of plastic wash into the ocean every year. This equates to about two garbage trucks worth of plastic entering the ocean every minute. With that in mind, lowering our use of plastics should be one of our top priorities.

You may not initially think that your skincare has much of an effect on the environment, but the fact is that plastic packaging is everywhere. This is why the Green People have amazingly launched the ‘One Balm’. The first 100% biodegradable packaging for their multi-purpose beauty balm.

greenpeople one balm

Green People is an organic skincare brand which is leading the way in zero-waste products. Their new product one balm is an organic botanical beauty balm for all genders and skin types. The one balm is also multi-purpose and can be used for dry skin, as a cleansing balm, even for shaving and much more.

The one balm pot is made from saw-dust and plant polymers making it 100% plastic free. This means once you have finished with the product it will decompose in soil leaving no microplastics and no guilty conscience. On top of their innovative packaging, their products are all certified organic and cruelty free. The one balm uses ingredients like naturally reparative rosehip and pomegranate which provides vitamin and antioxidant support. Making it good for the planet and your skin.

It comes in a petite 30ml pot which retails for £20. This may sound pricey but with its endless uses the one balm can replace multiple bathroom products and save you money and cabinet space. Some of my favourite ways to use the one balm are as a cleanser to remove makeup, naturally radiant highlight, brow tamer and as a lip balm. Perfect for winter because of its natural oil base. There really doesn’t seem to be any down sides to this product.

You can shop the one balm on their website:

Written by Pavlina Nikolova