I tried the latest ‘3D BROW’ tint and the results are insane!

TikTok has saved me once again after viewing multiple of videos on obtaining the perfect 3D brow look from home. 

For weeks now a forthcoming brand named ‘Arch 3D Brows’ has loomed my for you page ‘fyp’; stating facts on how to attain a well sculpted, ideal 3D brow look without the help of a professional. As I am a substantial devotee for brows, I could not repel but to take the initiative and place an order. 

Arch 3D brows are a small cosmetics brand that supplies henna tint and wax necessities for all sized and shapes brows. What makes the brand more distinctive is its unique sense of style in sales and marketing. The brand not only dispense supplies to gain an ultimate brow image but also offers extended masterclasses both live and online. They cover all the key points about brows including eyebrow mapping, waxing, henna and highlighting. 

Arch 3D brows offer a henna tinting kit that includes 3x henna shades, a tinting brush and rose water which is used to activate the tint before application. It is promised that the henna would last up to 2 weeks on the skin and with A1 application, 3 weeks on the eyebrow hairs. Each bottle is 5g, rich in pigment and is estimated to cover up to 30 applications. 



I had purchased this kit alongside the brow contour paste as I was unsure what colour tint would best suit my eyebrows. As seen on TikTok, the procedure seemed quite straight forward and easy to follow. Whilst trialling this product, I was nervous for the outcome as I have previously tried other henna tints from brands like Maybelline and Eylure with no long-lasting results. 

The texture of both the contour paste and henna tint was smooth and subtle making the application less difficult. A few strokes here and there gave forth outstanding results after 20 mins of waiting patiently. Applying the tint was never a problem, inversely the processing time of the tint was. 

The outcome all depends on how long you leave the application to process. For fuller looking natural brows which is what I went for; I would suggest leaving the tint to settle on the skin and brow hairs for at least 20 minutes max. As for a more subtle look, 12-15 minutes would be best. 

After 2 weeks of applying this product, the tint remained in tack leaving my eyebrow hairs fairly dark like the brand promised. However, the tint on my skin had slightly faded due to how often I tend to wash my face on a day-to day basis. Besides that, there was no need for me to pick up any makeup tools and necessities for the past week as my eyebrows appeared to look fully natural and thorough ever since. 

Future Recommendation- I would suggest washing your face lightly as it helps the tint to remain and not disappear at a faster rate making it long-lasting and durable.

Overall, Arch 3D brow may have just changed the makeup and surgical game. If you are searching for a long-lasting pigmented tint, then this is for you. Why bother getting a microblading and threading treatment done when you can attain the perfect brows from home without the need of a qualified beautician? This product has become my new go-to essential and has influenced me to browse and trial further ‘Arch 3D brow’ products. 

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By Vanessa Goodwin