In private conversation about anything and everything.

Written by Helena Polanska

Earlier this spring I had a lovely conversation with a digital creator/influencer from Montreal. We talked about everything and nothing at all, I gained insight into a luxury fashion influencer’s mind only to find out she and I shared a lot of the same interests… who knows maybe this could inspire both me and you to pursue the fructicious dream of becoming a fashion influencer.

How did you get into this career path?

It was quite simple really! I have always worn clothes that I loved and tagged the brands in my posts. When different brands started contacting me to sponsor them I couldn’t say no, I saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity and it really was.

From what I have seen you mainly post on Instagram. Have you considered starting your own YouTube page?

I was uploading for about 4 months before I realised that I really dreaded editing (which is about 80% of the work) I also found it hard to show my personality / actually act like myself on that platform since I consider myself a pretty shy/private person so I prefer Instagram. I doubt I would start uploading again but maybe in time once I’m not so busy with school/if I found a format that i like

I should be honest; I have stalked your profile quite a bit and it seems that your day to day is widely connected to music have you ever thought about DJ’ing or dabbling more in music?

A lot of my friends are into DJ’ing and exploring music which i fully support and enjoy but i just wouldn’t say that it is for me.

Having said that what is your favourite genre of music and what are you listening to currently?

I mainly listen to rap and electro-alternative artists like Grimes, FKA twigs and Sevdaliza type of vibes. Sometimes R&B and bedroom pop type artists like Blood Orange.

Uff I know me Blood Orange has been a lifelong favourite of mine. Keeping on the theme of favourites… favourite colours right now?

I took a photo at my last ssense appointment because these are my favourite colours together – stone/steel blue and ash grey.

Favourite movie?

Ok so i have a list. I love all of them so much i really can’t pick a favourite. Parasite, Kill Bill, The Joker, Ex Machina, American dream, Lost in Translation, American history, Bird man, Call me by your name, Leon the professional, Her, Babel, City of god, Moonlight, Buffalo 66’

Oh, that is quite a list! You have some of my favourite ones in there as well! I think my all-time favourite movie would be Kill Bill, I absolutely adore everything from the outfits to the cinematography. What would be your favourite movie aesthetic wise?

Strictly aesthetically speaking for cinematography these would be my favourite ones – The beach, Romeo and Juliet, Blade runner and La haine

Favourite clothing item?

These Kapital pants have been a grail of mine for a looooonngg time. They seem to be impossible to get though, i have ordered them twice off Grailed and been refunded both times. LOL so hopefully one day.

Seeing as your style is quite luxury street style oriented I’m interested to know who is your biggest celebrity inspiration?

I like the way Killy & Yung Lean piece together outfits.

One of my favourite brands for inspiration currently is Vetements. What are your thoughts on the brand?

I like it! Love it even! This era of Vetements is pretty iconic/influential to me. It was one of my favourite brands when i was studying fashion marketing in college around 2016-2018 so back in the day.

Let’s talk astrology! I ask this question to almost anyone I meet – people on a random night out or my closest friends, I think it is only fitting to include it in the interview – what is your zodiac sign? Your big 3?

Uh oh I am about to be perceived. My sun is Virgo, moon is Leo and rising is Scorpio. I myself find astrology interesting I’m just not completely familiar with every sign.

Yeah me neither. After asking this question about a million times and placing the many different answers to different people with various zodiac signs I have learned a lot but still not enough! I just find it so interesting how there is actual science behind it and how a whole generation just got so invested in something that was almost forgotten for so many years.

Yeah definitely! I think there are certain things that you thought couldn’t be relied on but actually they form some sort of a pattern.

A planet that I personally love exploring is Venus! I think you can learn a lot about a person by how they form friendships and romantic relationships and find out whether they are selfish or selfless right off the bat. What is your love language?

I love them all but my favourite one to receive and give is probably acts of service.

Thank you for your answers! I feel like that was enough tormenting and personal questions for one day. I know that quite a few of my friends and peers from university have wanted to start collaborating with brands and promoting products as a side hobby but their main influencer role models are usually older and out of university already. Would you say being an influencer is something that you can do simultaneously to university? Are you studying at University currently?

I am currently in my second year of psychology at McGill and yes I do think that if you are passionate and dedicated you can easily do both at the same time.