Is the Dip-Dye back?

Dip-Dye has yet again made a reappearance onto our screens following years of hair treatments to fix the green bleached ends you were dying to get in 2014 after Kylie first debuted the dipped blue shoulder chopped ends that shocked the Kardashian fans.

Inspiration from Sex Educations Maeve Wiley (played brilliantly by Emma Mackey) has trend set new dip-dye style and shown it off throughout all 3 seasons. Most famously known being the statement bleached shoulder hair with vibrant pink ends fitting her characters style perfectly. In the Most recent season, Maeve brings a similar style to Kylie with brunette Hair and Dip-dyed purple ends showing she can suit any style given to her remarkably.

After months home haircuts and eagerly watching Tik Tok tips on hairstyling, creativity has created confidence within individuals style and we’re loving it. Celebrities catching on to this trend include Bella Hadid who took to Instagram to flaunt a choppy 1920s style brunette bob slightly dipped in bleach to create a gingery toned ends. 

Such a simple and easy way to stand out with endless possibilities of cuts and colours, what’s stopping you from doing the same?!

Written by Abby Prowse