Jamie Genevieve’s new make-up brand Vieve is here! Here’s all the products you need to check out.

It’s finally here, the launch of Jamie Genevieve’s new brand ‘Vieve’. With a huge following of 1.4 million this makeup artist and beauty icon has not only won over her fans with her down-to-earth attitude but also with her incredible beauty expertise and skills when it comes to creating and designing makeup looks.

Jamie is what some people refer to as a ‘ray of sunshine’ producing heart-warming creative content to her YouTube channel every week, whether that’s an addictive makeup tutorial, chatty, sit-down Q&A, or possibly even a day in her life; featuring her adorable husband. No matter how you may know of Jamie Genevieve, you can’t say you’re not a fan; which means hopefully the launch of her very own brand would have got you jumping for joy just like it did with us. Therefore, we’re here to give you an insight into everything ‘Vieve’ as well as giving you a guide to what you need to be getting your hands on within this collection.

The first range to be released is what Jamie’s calling ‘The Essentials Collection’, however they aren’t necessarily the usual items that you would expect. As many others would probably classify foundation, concealer, and mascara in their very own essentials bag, Jamie does not. When creating her collection, she decided to go off what products she personally finds make her feel her best, rather than what she uses the most. Therefore, this collection consists of a hero eyeshadow palette, a large range of natural lip pencils, pressed highlighters, and some gorgeous, creamy matte lipsticks that you’ll be dying to get your hands on.

First up, Vieve The Essentials Palette. This palette provides you with seven gorgeous eyeshadow shades; from soft browns to burnt orange as well as a dark, smoky shade that you can either use to darken up any of your looks or possibly try as a precise liner. This palette is so versatile and easy to use, you’ll be adding it straight into your very own essentials bag.  

Link: https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/vieve-the-essentials-eye-palette.html

Next, highlighter’s galore. With three shades to offer; a champagne pop from Bijou, a peachy tint from Holy Chic, finishing with a rich, gold radiance with Riches. There is no doubt that within this range, there is a shade for everyone so no matter what colour you opt for, these highlights will give you that sweet extra touch to finalise and lock in your make-up look. 

Link: https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/vieve-nova-glow-highlighter.html

Lastly, we have the well in-demand lip collection. Jamie is known for her incredible lip-combo that we’re always dying to have, so here’s your chance. With five neutral-toned shades in both the creamy lip-liners and the wearable matte lipsticks, you’ll always look your best. These lip products are made with a small modern twist, in that they never leave your lips looking flat or flaky, so forget worrying about touching up.

Matte Lipstick’s:https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/vieve-modern-matte-lipstick.html

Lip Liner’s: https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/vieve-modern-lip-definer.html

With the suspicion of Vieve being an instant sell-out, make sure you head over to Vieve or Cult Beauty to get your hands on the most desired makeup collection available.

www.vieve.co.uk or www.cultbeauty.co.uk

By Dannie Copperwheat