Kylie Jenner’s christmas collection, why is it the top of everyones list this year?

The present on every beauty gurus list this year is Kylie Jenners Christmas collection. Each year she comes out with a new innovation of her different bundles and this year she definitely delivered. From 2016 (her first collection) to now, her collections have all been a similar christmas vibe. However this year her whole idea was based of the Grinch. This is where Kylie X Grinch was created. Kylie and Dr Seuss came together to create a large new iconic collection. Her creation was fresh and something the company hadn’t done before. However her childhood  dream coming true was a insane business plan as her collection sold out in less than 30 minutes, with people even saying “I don’t even wear makeup but I’m buying this”. Her fans were amazed by the design of the packaging and the makeup included in this bundle. This movie really brings back christmas memories for so many people. They have all related with Kylie and her love for The Grinch and brought these makeup products. Kylie even announced this is her “fave collection of all time” and that she; “might be the most excited about this one than any other collection.”

This launch for Kylie Cosmetics  introduced 16 different bundles. A few of the favourite collections included, The ‘Kylie X The Grinch signed PR box’ which includes all of the products brought out including a box with a signed signature from Kylie herself. This was the most expensive product being $375. Next ‘Kylie’s Grinch favourites’ the price of this was $143. Finally bringing out ‘Kylie’s Grinch high glosses’. The cost of this was $32. 

I hope you snatched up this christmas bundle quickly, its one of the most desirable collections right now in the beauty industry. Its capable of creating many versatile looks and really play and experiment with new makeup.