“another canvas, another surface for human expression,” 

Off-White has recently launched into the beauty line following Virgil Abloh’s death last autumn with their ageless and genderless line. This collection consists of four fragrances, six Imprint face and body solid pigment crayons, a set of Template stencils, and six Colour Matte nail polishes. 


Abloh created these perfumes in collaboration with perfumers like Alexis Dadier, Sidonie Lancesseur, and Jerome Epinette, who have all worked on bestselling fragrances.

While the current selection of products from Off-White currently only has perfumes, colour cosmetics are in the making this season which includes pigmented face and body crayons, and beauty stencils, there is also a line of nail polishes being created with six different finishes, from cracked to glitter.

The first beauty collection from Off-White manifests Virgil Abloh’s vision of a blank canvas to inspire endless creativity. Designed to encourage human potential, PAPERWORK provides a toolkit for self-expression, whatever form that may take,” reads the description of the new collection.

Each priced at £135, the fragrances take inspiration from Nineties nostalgia, bougie classics and earthy elements to invoke a mood.

The collection invites all humans to amplify their individuality and celebrate their potential, which involves playful technology and non-conformist ethos to empower expression that allows everyone to expand its potential beyond traditional beauty.

  • top notes: wood/sage/bergamot
  • heart notes: seaweed/sand accord
  • base notes: vetiver/patchouli/sandalwood.
  • top notes: eucalyptus/fig/black tea/violet
  • heart notes: tobacco/lavender/juniper berry/bamboo/vetiver
  • base notes: papyrus/sandalwood/palo santo/black leather/tonka bean
  • top notes: bergamot/tangerine leaves/ginger/lemon
  • heart notes: coriander leaves/orange blossom/jasmine/lavender
  • base notes: cedar/vetiver/amber
  • top notes: pear/blackcurrant/pink pepper
  • heart notes: rose/ambrette liquid
  • base notes: Ambroxan/musk

Body & Face crayons

The Imprint face and body crayons take inspiration from Abloh’s street tagging background. They’re formulated to be waterproof and smudgeproof, but are designed to be easy to remove. Imprint is available in red, black, brown, lime, indigo and glauque.

Kendall Jenner was seen on the runway from the Off-White show in 2021 modelling the face and body crayons.

In this clip of the runway show in March 2022, you can see a lot of the models showing off the face crayons, However, as of now you can only purchase the fragrances but there hasnt been a release date for the beauty collection yet!