One of the best spot medications, is it worth a try to clear bad acne?


 All over social media, it’s all about the best skin care; testing the best brands, and figuring out what’s going to get you the closest to ‘photoshopped celeb skin’. From testing drugstore to high-end, for some people none of these products work as their acne is more severe. The next stage is to seek the help of a dermatologist who will take a closer look at your skin and if needed evaluate the patients health and mindset.


For me I was prescribed so many different creams over the course of the 12/18 months that I started to struggle with acne but none of these were the solution. My last option; Roaccutane. Roaccutane, also known as Isotretinoin is used to treat severe recalcitrant nodular acne and is often a last resort for curing more severe acne conditions.

There are multiple positive and negatives to this drug. Many tests and examinations are done to ensure the risks of prescribing you this medication are minimal. A few major side effects include severe stomach pain, serious skin rashes that cause blisters, anxiety and depression. However it is a very small percentage of people who develop these symptoms. The ‘normal’ side effects include dry skin and lips, sensitivity to sunlight and general aches and pains. Although if you begin to experience any of these and are not comfortable you can reduce the prescribed amount or stop taking the medication whenever you want. 

They are the negatives of this drug, but there are also so many positive experiences from using Roaccutane with there being a 85% success rate.

 Here is a young teen who has struggled with not having a clear  complexion or any skin positivity. Her skin condition made her unconfident and unhappy with her appearance. After many different skin clearing products she tried Roaccutane. 

Skin Condition before and after Roaccutane

Her skin went from having high pigmentation and large pustules (the photo on the left). To the photo on the right, clear radiant skin and a more self assured girl. She was shocked by the incredible results of using isotretinoin like many other women and men. It really helps people have a more positive attitude towards their own skin again. This in turn also helps them rebuild their confidence.

Overall, yes, there are risks but for so many people this medication has been the best thing they have ever tried, with the side effects being worth it and the clear skin being the result they only could have dreamed of.  Roaccutane isn’t a quick and easy fix, it takes time, but for most people is so worth the wait.