Saving Your Skin Care In Winter

Your skin changes when the seasons changes and it has to adapt to the new environment, your skin likes consistency but can’t get that when the seasons are changing every year, so we need to figure out how to help your skin adjust to the winter months that we are going into now.

Theres obviously the obvious things like drink lots of water, eat healthy, make sure your bed sheets are clean ect, but having a good skin care routine and knowing what works best for your skin is very important as well.

First find out your skin, are you oily, dry, normal, sensitive or combination. You need to know what you are so then you know how to look after your skin to filter to its needs and problems. Once you have found out what skin you have you can go from there to find out what products are best suited for you.

First item is a vitimum C serum, vitamin C helps the production of both collagen and elastin, which help keep the skin plump and firm. Typical vitamin C can help prevent aging of the skin and restores a youthful, smooth appearance to the skin. In the summer your skin will get a lot of vitamin C from the sun but in winter its harder to get that glow and mostiture from the sun especially with English weather, so definitely a vitamin C serum is a must have.

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Secondly SPF, now this should definitely not only be just worn in summer but experts say all year round. As long as the sun’s rays reach our planet, you’ll want to protect your skin using the right kind of sunscreen, and not just on sunny days, but all year-round. Wearing sunscreen isn’t just a method of skin cancer prevention, but also as a way to retain your skin’s youthful appearance and overall health.

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Thirdly a good exfoliation, whatever your preferred texture (gritty scrub, textured cloth, creamy enzyme mask or liquid peel), go gently with it as over-zealous scrubbing or peeling can overstimulate your skin and leave dry skin feeling even drier. The best time to exfoliate is at night, as skin doesn’t have to contend with UV rays afterwards. Exfoliation helps replenish skin, between the cold air outside and dry indoor heating, your skin cells dehydrate and die out faster in winter. You’ll want to buff away these dead cells so new cells can come in healthier and without obstruction.

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Fourthly a skin plumping serum with hyaluronic acid in it, Hydration is key for optimising skin plumpness and glow, so it’s worth layering your day cream over a quenching serum (hyaluronic acid is good for this) if you don’t already do so. Hyaluronic acid is well known for its skin benefits, especially alleviating dry skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles adds a glow and all over one of the best acids for the skin.

Hyaluronic Serum 30ml

There is four recommend products with examples to help your skin adapt to the colder months without causing breakouts or problems. Looking after yourself is very important and is very therapeutic, you should always do this.

Nicole Hardy