Spot stickers- What’s all the hype about?

Spot stickers are the latest craze all over your Instagram feed- Selfie after selfie we want to know why your favourite gals are covered in stickers. Don’t worry, Carbon is here to set the record straight. 

What even are they?

They are essentially circular or shaped stickers infused with some of our favourite chemical solutions to effectively turn your mountain of a pimple into a manageable bump or even to extinction. Speeding up the healing process this game-changing solution surely cuts out Colgate from your skincare routine- because girl, you need to cut it out. 

I don’t know about you but I’m bored of struggling with all these face washes, serums and exfoliators for just one spot. But the universe has heard our call and provided the best solution for targeting the problem without dousing your hole face in Neutrogena or Sudocrem.

When are they best used?

Whilst they work for a range of issues, these blemish-busting patches work best on early whiteheads and those pesky red hormonal spots they creep up close to that time of the month. But to get the best results, getting them on early will ensure that they reduce that selfie killer as soon as it tries to ruin your day. Most brands recommend its short stay on your face should be between a couple of hours to overnight to really reap the benefits.

Now, for what you’ve all been waiting for– The best of spot stickers! and the links… you’re welcome.

BEST OVERALL: Starface Hydro Stars – £12

Super cute yellow stars to brighten up any blemish- created by Julie Schott (former beauty director at Elle). These are laced with hydrocolloid, the chemical used for wound dressings which helps to fight infection whilst preventing the damage the spot picking creates. The packaging is also completely reusable with refill packs available for you to stock up. They’re available in multiple colours but take a look at the new Hello Kitty collaboration they are especially cutesy.

STRONGEST FORMULA: Zitsticka Killa –£27

These are particularly good if your skin type needs an extra push while still being gentle. the clear circle patches have self-dissolving micro darts contains salicylic acid, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and sodium hydroxide – many of which we all already acquainted with in our daily skincare routines. Each patch is packed separately with a special antibacterial wipe to cleanse the area before use too.

MOST AFFORDABLE: Dots for Spots- £5.99

Just because the price is lower doesn’t mean they are worse than the others, it just means that your bank account screams less when your Amazon order confirmation for these hits your inbox. Packed with hydrocolloid which doesn’t dry out the skin, these 24 super thin dots are the most blendable to the skin so they are excellent for all-day wear under makeup or on a bare face.

BEST DOUBLE ACTION: Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot SOS Sticker- £26

Decongesting and exfoliating? Sarah Chapman has done it again with the skincare saves. Armed with Vitamin C treating hyperpigmentation plus salicylic acid, grape seed and soy oil to calm irritation ,inflammation and redness. What more could you ask for! Oh, well there is also P-Refinyl in there too to minimise sebum along with the handy leather case for on the go fixes.

MOST UNIVERSAL: Patchology breakout box- £18

If whitehead breakouts are just half of the issue, Patchology (you may know them for making your swear-by feet and face masks) have got you covered. 3 types of solution packed into one box: 24 Salicylic acid dots for casual breakouts, 24 hydrocolloid dots for whiteheads and 3 nose strips for the toughest of blackheads. However, the strips may not be for you as they have recently been discovered to cause more harm than good, enlarging the pores and damaging the skin surface so I recommend not using them too often.

ANTIBACTERIAL BASED: Corsx Acne Pimple AC Collection Master Patch – £7

Korean technology has taken over much of our skincare staples but Corsx are known for always having that one product that works for people with specific needs. It’s the worst feeling, when all your friends are buying one product that you know, doesn’t work for you but Corsx is here to help. For bacterial based acne issues these patches come in 3 sizes in a pack of 24 to protect your spots from all the grime that would normally make it so much worse.

EXTRA! MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE: Squish Flower Acne Patches- £18

Okay so if you thought the sunshine stars were cute, you’re gonna love these. These stickers are for all the groovy chics looking for a bit of 90s nostalgia to solve all the breakout problems. Again, hydrocolloid being the main ingredient, they reduce the size of early pimples before they get out of hand.

Written by Kiá Richardson