The ingredient that reclines within our Cosmetics and Skincare products causing serious health complications: Soybean Oil

The need to know about the one ingredient that hides within our beauty and skincare products now revealed.

December 7, 2020 BY Vanessa Goodwin

Soybean oil, the oil that is used within most skincare and cosmetics products has been identified as a key element causing serious damage to human bodies. This popular lubricant is known to be a type of cooking oil that is produced from the seeds of a soybean plant containing serious chemicals made up of high saturated fatty acid. 

Soybean is high in Vitamin E, sterolins and lecithin, which makes it a benefit to preferably use on the human skin. This could later result in reduced cholesterol levels and lower the risk of bone loss. However, there are numerous of ways in which this product could interfere with your health mentally and physically.

The risk of consuming soybean oil could lead to obesity, diabetes, constipation, bloating and could leave you feeling nauseas. It could also affect those that suffer from neurological circumstances like anxiety, depression, and autism.

It has been scientifically proven that Soybean oil has affected many individuals around the world, causing genetic changes to the human brain cells. This oil can be consumed variously and could change an individual’s lifestyle rapidly. Soybean oil has been identified in a few popular hair, cosmetics and skincare products which has not yet been advertised as causing damage to the human body.

Are buyers and traders of cosmetic and beauty products aware of the major affects that this oil is causing?

Soybean Oil has been used within the ‘Supreme’ Lipstick which is an exclusive product produced by Pat McGrath; the mother of makeup. The Matte Trance Lipstick was launched on the 10th of September and sold out in a matter of minutes. This product is bold, daring, powerful, elegant and extremely supreme.  However, it contains a dangerous substance that may affect many individuals who suffer from a neurological condition. Another popular product that contains this substance is the ‘Ors Olive Oil’ haircare.

‘Ors Olive Oil’ is a popular product used to help maintain and revive all types of hair. This product polishes the hair and restores the natural balance of the elasticity supplying hydration and shine.

How could we as buyers prevent these products from causing harm to our bodies?

SO Next Time

Would you STOP, THINK and CONSIDER before purchasing your next product or will you peruse without investigating further into the ingredients and formula used to generate the goods sold to enhance your features.