The rise of Dollar Shave Club: the online subscription service that brings you new shaving blades every month

Dollar Shave Club, the new up and coming business that brings you fresh new grooming products straight to your door.

This 2011 company was created by two men Michael Dubin and Mark Levine, both of which had a vision of pure and simple use products; starting as little as $1 a month, customers would receive high-quality razors delivered straight to their doors. Both men had the same mantra of which is ‘stop paying for shave tech you don’t need’. So, we’re here to give you the low down on this brilliant company and how to try it for yourself.

Dollar shave club is a brilliant way to help target and cater grooming products directly towards your needs and wants; with the company starting in the US to now disrupting in the UK there is no excuse to not give it a go for yourself. The company has a wide range of services to offer, whether you want to give the blades subscription a go or possibly stretch further and join one of their subscription boxes, it’s completely up to you.

There are currently 3 razor packages to choose from, depending on your personal needs and price point.

First, we have ‘The Humble Twin’ this is the cheapest package on the company site, currently selling for £3 a month with free delivery. In this set, you receive 5 stainless steel, twin-blade cartridges a month; with a reusable handle in the first box. This package is a brilliant simple set that if you’re slightly unsure about the company or possibly not a major expert within the use of grooming products this is the one for you. Save yourself some money and time this season and treat yourself to this super, simple, and easy razor set.

Next, we have ‘The 4X’ set, if you’re wanting to step up your shaving routine, then why not give this one a go. This subscription contains 4 stainless steel, 4-blade cartridges a month with a free sporty handle in the first box. Currently, on sale for £6 a month with free delivery, there is no excuse to pass this brilliant deal up. Possibly, expand your grooming routine even more by opting to try one of the brands of shaving creams and lotions that compliment this item perfectly.

Lastly, the final frontier, we have ‘The Executive’. For just £8 a month you will receive 4 stainless steel, 6-blade cartridges a month, with a free weighty handle within your first box. If you’re a major grooming product enthusiast or maybe you take your shaving routine very seriously then treat yourself to this perfectly rated shaving blade box. Affordable, simple, and easy to use what more could you want?

If razor blades aren’t enough for you, then no need to stress, Dollar Shave club currently also offer a personalised subscription box service perfectly made for you. Simply enter the site and answer a few easy questions, where you’ll then be directed to your personalised subscription box, full of useful and targeted grooming products you need to try.

Not only is this company simple and affordable it’s also super convenient, so forget worrying about whether your shaving blades need a changeup, this service brings them directly to you when you need them.

By Dannie Copperwheat.