The Ultimate Summer 2021 Bucket List

Boat day

Summer is near, and at CARBON we know it. If you still don’t have any plans to do this summer yet, we will give you some ideas to make this summer unforgetable!

  1. Go to a flea market

In summer, the markets multiply through the streets of our towns and cities. Numerous colourful stalls full of fashion, decoration, art, jewellery… You will find from the most hippies to the most fashionable.



2. Have a theme party

How exciting when summer comes, and you can get together with all your friends, right? Those who have gone to study abroad, those who no longer live here, those who take vacations … It is a time of reunion and must be celebrated! And what better than to do it with a themed party. You can organize from an Ibiza party (all dressed in white) to a party of some time; 70s, 2000s, 20s … You can also schedule a movie party and have each one dress up as a character.

Themed party
Themed party

3. Go camping

Going camping is the best plan to do in summer with friends. It is cheap and fun. Find some place you have always liked to go to or even somewhere near your city, and go and spend a few nights in tents with your best mates.


4. Make a creative photoshoot

If you like photography, fashion and art, create your own photoshoot. Look for ideas on Pinterest, get inspired by things you adore, ask a friend to be a model; another may be the artistic director, and another one the stylist. Let your creativity fly.


5. Visit some small towns

Organize an excursion to a town near your area and get lost in its streets. There are places that, although at first glance they seem empty and lifeless, have many stories to hide. Dedicate a day to let yourself get inspired by the cultural country or some historical place.


6. Organize a brunch with your friends

Going out on a brunch day can be organized, or it can also be an impromptu plan. Some day you get up late, write to your friends, grab something to eat and some blankets and go to the field or even to the beach to spend the afternoon. I’m sure you will have an incredible time.


7. Go sailing

Sailing is always a good option to relax and enjoy the sea. The best idea is to rent a boat or little boat with some friends and spend the day at sea tanning and simply enjoying life.

Boat day

8. Outdoor game night with friends

Whether with friends or family, organizing a game night is always a good idea to have a fun time. You can play infinite board games, mystery games, games to get to know each other more or to laugh. If you are more creative, you can even invent your own game.

game night

9. Write a diary

Writing a summer journal is an excellent way to reflect all your experiences and feelings. Also, organizing your thoughts helps memory and creativity. The idea is to write down every night what you did that day and how you felt. You can paste photos, tickets, and flowers.


10. Spend all night awake with friends and finish it watching the sunrise

Organize a good plan to spend the night together and find a good spot. Prepare a dinner, make a bonfire, have a few drinks, sing with the guitar. It is a very easy plan and I assure you that those nights are the ones that are remembered for a lifetime.


10. Remember it

Buy a disposable camera and take photos during the summer. At the end of the summer, reveal them and meet your friends to see the printed images and remember the good times. Another idea is to create a playlist of all the songs you have heard in the summer, so you will remember good times when you put it on during the year.